News: DS: Weekly column: America’s Team’s quarterback becomes America’s biggest choker

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    Weekly column: America’s Team’s quarterback becomes America’s biggest choker
    By Ron Rokhy
    September 13th, 2011

    Only one week’s gone by in the 2011 NFL regular season and we can already see it’s going to be a a year dominated by quarterbacks, even with Peyton Manning out of action.

    Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers did what was expected of them; Cam Newton and Ryan Fitzpatrick went well beyond what anyone anticipated; and then, of course, we have your bottom-of-the-barrel performers like Donovan McNabb.

    And even worse than McNabb’s 39 total Week-1 passing yards: Tony Romo’s latest flub.

    The Dallas Cowboys entered this year hoping to forget last season’s blunder which ended with a playoff-less 6-10 record. However, what they’ve gotten so far is more of the same: Romo and his inability to lead them in crucial moments
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    This article is assinine for the most part.

    Fine, I'll give him the Seattle playoff game. We can call it a choke.

    The Giants playoff game, I don't consider it a choke but for the sake of the article I'll blame this on Romo. So that's 2.

    First, regular season. 2nd, did romo throw an interception or fumble the ball late in the fourth quarter with the lead leading to the eventually 44-6 loss? This is a team that just collapsed. So no, not a 'Romo' choke specifically.

    Again, see previous note concerning the Eagles game. This was another team collapse.

    Now this is just funny.

    So, 2... YES I count only TWO actual Romo chokes in this guys list out of 70 games or so played? Wow, yeah.... he chokes constantly. Amazing they ever won a game.
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    Harsh? Yes. But until he starts winning these types of games, this is what Romo should expect.

    If Romo continues to snatch defeat from he jaws of victory, he won't get anything different. As for trading him? Not going to happen. Jerry is invested in Romo for the long term.

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    No facts to this article. That Eagle game wasnt a playoff game, the Giants playoff game we can thank Craton for that L with the dropped wide open pass. Fact is yes until Romo plays mistake free and gets us into the playoffs deep into the playoffs he will continue to hear this from the like of guys like this and Marshall Faulk! I hold judgment still, I thought he played great until that fumble in the Red Zone...
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    If you actually click on the guys name, it takes you to his website that looks like an actual news site, but every article about a variety of topics from schools to clothing is written by him. He's a wanna be who started his own site.:)
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    Not sold on Romo...he just self destructs...he cant handle the pressure.

    Next season pick up a young or seasoned QB and make him work for his job

    Morton Stats
    1967 TDs10 INTs 10
    1969 TD's21 INT's 15
    1970 TD's 15 INT's 7
    1971 7 TD's INT's 8
    1972 15 TD's 21 INT's
    1973 3TD's 1 INT's

    close to 50-50 TD to Int ratio

    Landry lost confidence in Morton and started Roger.

    I think Garertt needs to do the same have Romo compete for his job.

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