DT Timmy Jernigan to visit Cowboys

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Apr 14, 2014.

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    All of this 1-technique vs. 3-technique banter is missing the point. The team doesn't care which gap he lines up in front of -- they just don't want to draft a part-time player with the 16th overall pick in the draft. If they believe he can rush on 3rd down (and most people believe he can), then they'll grade him as a 1st round player.

    The whole "not drafting Shariff Floyd in the first because was a 1-technique" was just PR spin from Valley Ranch to take heat off of what an embarrassing mess the scouting department was last year. Kiffin took Booger McFarland 15th overall. Let that sink in. If he thought Floyd was the next McFarland, Floyd would have been a Cowboy at #18.

    Point is, stop arguing about semantics. They don't matter. It's about impact, not position.
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    Amen. That's pretty much exactly what I've been trying to say for weeks but put into MUCH better words. Great post.
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