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    So I can't help but notice all the talk about us getting Javon Walker and Warrick Dunn. The first thing that comes to mind is great! A great #2 wide out and a running back that puts up 1000+ yards each season. But then you must think what Jerry could be planning with these moves.
    Okay lets start with the WR position. We all know that this is a top need of ours going into the draft. But if we do sign Walker what does that mean for our current WR core? Well Crayton would become the #3 again... Or not, I have heard a lot of reports saying that the Cowboys are high on Stanback. So does Stanback get the #3 if he impresses this training camp? and if so where does that leave Terry Glenn and Patrick Crayton?
    I could see Glenn being cut to join Keyshawn and Ted Ginn Jr. under Parcells new team the Miami Dolphins. Patrick Crayton with a some what impressive regular season could be put on the trading block. even if Stanback doesn't impress and we grab a WR in the 2nd or 3rd round. Maybe Hardy or Nelson they could both give Crayton a run for his money to say the least.
    Moving on to the running backs. What could Jerry be thinking? Barber has yet to be signed and now we are looking at Dunn? First thing that comes to mind is that Dunn may split time with a rookie and not Barber next season and let me tell you why I think this way.
    First of all with Walker on the team (if healthy) there would no longer be an immediate concern at wide out. So that would free up one of our 1st round picks. The other is already expected to be used on a RB. So could Jerry be plotting a trade that would send Barber to a team like lets say the Raiders for the forth overall pick? He would have Dunn to play along side a young talented running back. Where is the need for another RB? Could Jerry be thinking that Dunn and lets say McFadden would be a better tandem then say Barber and Felix Jones/Ray Rice?
    A lot of people will say that our corners still need upgrading. As does our special teams, but if we were to trade for a certain player that has expressed interest in the Cowboys. A player who has great talent at both CB and return man that could be had cheap that would fill the four biggest holes on this team.
    We would have three solid WR's, we would have a talented young RB playing alongside a savvy Veteran and finally we fix our return problems and secondary with one trade for Adam Pacman Jones. I know a lot of people would hate it if our off season ended by bringing in Warrick Dunn, Javon Walker, Adam Pacman Jones and drafting Darren McFadden and MB3, Crayton and Glenn leaving.
    Now I will admit that I am for trading down rather then up in the draft. I am also for youth at WR but this sure does sound intriguing to me. It isn't my ideal off season but I would be happy.
    I just can't help but wonder what could possibly be going through that Arkansas head of Jerry's.
    Please while I do encourage intelligent conversation I would like it if people refrained from the moronic one liners and actually put some thought into their post for a change. If it to hard for you to think past 2 paragraphs please don't bother to post.

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