Dwayne Jarrett vs ND highlights

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by T-New41, Mar 19, 2007.

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    Unfortunately, I couldn't find much in the way of highlight reels for this guy. (Come on USC, film school, surely you can make an impressive tape of this guy!) This was the highlights from the USC/ND game. If Jarrett really is free falling, I hope to GOD we pick him at 22. This kid is ridiculus. These highlights are vs Notre Dame, but you can get a tape like this from pretty much any game he played in last year. He is sick, dont mention Mike Williams, because he is not Mike Williams, he is Dwayne Jarrett. 40 times be damned! I seriously never thought we would have a chance at him, but it looks like this year we might just land him in our laps at 22.

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    if we go wr he's the 1 i want
  3. SDogo

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    Your right, he's not Mike Williams. Williams was twice the WR Jarrett is.
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    Jarrett >>>> Bowe, all day everyday..... too bad we won't be able to get him...
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    I think the Cowboys should get him too.... He's a BIG target.

    Can Dwayne Jarrett, Terrell Owens, Terry Glenn, Patrick Crayton, and Sam Hurd be the best Wide Receiver core in the NFL?
  6. the kid 05

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    i want meacham or how ever its spelled
  7. DragonCowboy

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    No way... Williams MAY have been better in college, that's debatable. But Williams got fat and lazy during his year off. That put him at a huge disadvantage (I was gonna say ruined him, but I think there's still a chance he could be decent).

    Jarrett doesn't have any knocks on him except his lack of speed. Their situations aren't comparable other than they both went to USC and are both big guys.
  9. CowboyWay

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    Jarrett is this years biggest bust.

    and about those ND highlights? Lets keep in mind ND has what could possibly been the worst secondary in the country this year.
  10. marchetta

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    Dwayne Jarrett WR USC

    Dwayne has the size, speed, hands and route running ability that is equal to any WR in this draft. He is mature on the football field in his play beyond his years. Dwayne has those long legs that make it easy for him to separate from the CB’s. His speed is deceiving and it would not surprise me to find out that he is as fast as Roy Williams WR Detroit Lions. In fact, he has that same type of long lopping stride that Williams has – yes, the one that makes it very difficult for CB’s to stay with him. There is no doubt about Dwayne’s talent to be successful at the next level.

    There is an old saying, “ Sometimes, you’re too smart for your own good”. Dwayne has first round talent, but doesn’t give first round effort on every play. He gives a halfhearted effort when he blocks and runs routes. He is a great fantasy league player. By that, I mean he’ll get big stats as his team loses.

    Ask yourself this -– with this kid’s talent along with Booty at QB, why doesn’t USC go down the field more often? Why has the USC offense become less vertical this year? Stop, stop, stop! You’re hurting my head with all those lame answers. It is not because they don’t have Bush or White. It is because Booty cannot trust Jarrett and has to come off of him too quickly and go to Steve Smith instead. It’s that simple. Now when the Bowl games come up you will see Dwayne play one of his best games of the season. That’s because he has first round talent; unfortunately, that first round talent is married to a third round heart. Dwayne must be worried that he will get injured or maybe there is a number of other excuses, but the fact is, he is a fantasy player. He is not a winner. He needs to be surrounded by winners, but he is not the type of WR you make your #1 and base your whole team’s passing game on. He reminds me a lot of Roy Williams WR Lions. Both players are extremely talented players that lack the true toughness and heart to be a franchise WR. Maybe they both will develop into that type of WR, but for me, to draft players like that in the first round just because they have talent is the recipe for a first round pick never living up to expectations. Is that what the first round is all about? Drafting players that you know will not live up to expectations? Dwayne will be picked in the first round if he comes out. And he will have very good stats; however, unless you pair him up with a WR who is smart, tough and a good route runner that will do anything to win - then all Dwayne’s game will ever be is smoke and mirrors. I would pick the Dwayne from LSU way before I would pick this kid. But he does look pretty when he takes the field! In fact, he plays like he doesn’t want to mess himself up. He will do well in a dome and on turf, but if I’m a cold weather team with a grass field, I’m looking for a totally different kind of WR -- one who doesn’t mind getting messed up and will show up to play for all the games -- not just the ones he thinks are important.

    - Drew Boylhart (thehuddlereport.com)
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    Did Dwayne Jarrett steal that guys wife or something?
  12. Roughneck

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    No crap.

    I DO NOT want to take Jarrett at #22 and even I think that was a hatchet job by Drew Boylhart (whoever the hell that is).
  13. Jake0

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    Ginn or Meachem if they're still on board over Jarrett for me... please be there Ginn!
  14. Timbo2st

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    I'm glad to see him gone from USC.
  15. Muhast

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    Bowe,McEachem> Jarrett and Ginn anyways :)
  16. T-New41

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    I think people who say he is slow dont realize, that he has such a long stride, once he gets going, you wont catch him. People said the same thing about Vince Young last year (different positions I know), but he did in the NFL, the same things he did in college. Both are very tall and have long strides. I know everyone has different opinions on players, but my opinion is Jarrett is the next best thing to Calvin. I could be right or I could be wrong and I readily admit that. I am not a pro scout, but from what I have seen of him, I think he will be a player at the next level.

    I know ND had a pretty weak secondary, but the thing I like about Jarrett is how he attacks the ball (as seen in the 1st highlight). When it's in the air, he will go up and get it for you. He is tall, has great hands and ino deceptive speed. He is also deceptively strong. I think a few seasons in a pro strenghtening and conditioning system, and he will be a beast.

    He's the guy I want, but would also be happy w/ Ginn, Meachem, or Bowe as well. I would really like to see us grab one of these guys, b/c I think they all have a lot of potential and we will be getting a bargain at 22 for any of them. JMO
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    vs ND?

    Who cares, ND's defense was terrible.

    Why dont you show the highlights vs Michigan - would be a lot better for your arguement.

    He torched 1 of the top defenses, if not the top, in the nation and did it against a 1st round projected CB in Leon Hall.
  18. Seven

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    And the rest, as they say, is history...................

    THUMPER Papa

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    I have been saying this all offseason, Jarrett is the guy I want in the draft!

    He uses his body well, catches the ball with his hands, hardly ever drops a pass, protects the QB by keeping the defender away from the ball, runs his routes well, finds ways to get open but catches it anyway when he is covered, has the size and jumping ability to catch high passes, and has "deceptive" speed in that he doesn't appear to be that fast but once he gets going you can't catch him.

    This guy will be a star in the NFL and I hope it is while he is wearing one on his helmet. :star:
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    He did say, in the OP, that this was all he could find.

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