Dwayne Slay FS Texas Tech: Mel Kiper #22

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by Vinnie2u, Dec 13, 2005.

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    Anybody have any first hand info on this guy Mel Kiper has him listed as the 22nd player on his big board. His Bio at Texas makes him sound like Ed Reed. thttp://texastech.collegesports.com/sports/m-footbl/mtt/slay_dwayne00.htmlech
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    Don't get me started... I would love to see us add DSlay. Many seem to feel he lacks cover skills because he hits so hard, but those of us that have watched him play at least 10 games know better. He is an animal, and in my humble opinion, paired with the Hammer, fuhgittaboutit.
  3. cowboyjoe

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    I really dont like his speed, afraid he is another Roy Williams, good hitter, but slow in coverage, here are some stats
    SLAY Dewayne TXtec 6- 3.5...200...4.54 -------- 348.03
    Sudden and stiff Hitter
  4. StylisticS

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    What about Micheal Huff???
  5. Lifetimeboyzfan

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    Here we go...

    Again, after having watched him personally many, many times, he is anything but stiff or unathletic. He would be a huge asset to our team and would be a starter for us for years to come.

    He is just now being heard of this year by most because of his ferocious hitting. Anyone that follows the Red Raiders at all though knows the kid is a player. Big 12 Deffensive player of the year is no joke. I am sure there is a way to dig up a list of passed winners of the same award, and if it was dug up, said list would be impressive.

    All this being said, I do admit to having a bit of homerism when it comes to TT players... Even though, right now I would take DSlay and either one of Jarrett Hicks or Joel Filani when available. All three of these guys have serious NFL potential, some of the freshman/sophs are starting to look that way too.
  6. Vinnie2u

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    Thanks for the info
  7. calico

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    Slay is good, but I think that Huff would be the much better choice for our D.

    Huff has played both CB and safety, much more of a coverage guy that we need.
  8. WilmingtonHeel

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    This kid can play. Sometimes we get caught up in measurements when the lights go off, He just jumps at you. If you are a baller it shows up on film those are the players you want on your team
  9. BigDFan5

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    Landry LSU FS is the way to go :)
  10. parchy

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    Kinda like how Roy worked out for us at FS, right?
  11. jterrell

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    RW played LB at OU and weighed 230 pounds without ever touching a weight.

    Slay is 200 pounds and plays off the ball.

    He is Tech's best defender and special teams tackler.

    Great guy off the field but nasty to point of making silly fouls on it.

    Hardest hitter in the country IMHO.
  12. Put Henson In

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    All I remember of him when he played Texas was when he was 5 yards behind Billy Pittman as BP cruised for an 80 yard TD. He hits hard though but he is not at all what we need.
  13. Rush 2112

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    Ran an avg of 4.83 for scouts in spring. 4.9 something against the wind and 4.81 with it.
  14. Lifetimeboyzfan

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    One last little nugget about Slay..

    In 2004 he lead the team in pass break ups and tied for the lead in interceptions.... And wasn't even the starter!
  15. BigWillie

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    Since when was Slay Big 12 DPOY?

    Nick Reid won the award this year.
  16. RoyTheHammer

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    Tech's Slay racks up Big 12 nod


    Throughout his senior season, Dwayne Slay stunned quarterbacks, running backs and receivers who ventured into his territory. In a pleasant development, Slay was the one who got stunned Wednesday.
    Texas Tech's free safety, a first-year starter, was taken aback when told that he'd been named Big 12 Conference defensive player of the year by The Associated Press.

    "Oh, wow. That's big time,'' Slay said. "It's a blessing and I'm happy for it, but the thing about it is, I can't get complacent about it. I have to stay humble and do what God's blessed me to do - that's come out day in and day out and help the team as much as I can.''

    Slay didn't put up big ball-hawk numbers, but he didn't have to. He finished the regular season second in the Big 12 in tackles with 101 and caused eight fumbles, a figure that ranked second in the nation. Kliff Kingsbury in 2002 is the only other Red Raider to be named a Big 12 offensive or defensive player of the year.

    The AP honors - unveiled over a three-day period - are chosen by a panel of 20 sportswriters in seven states who regularly cover Big 12 football. Texas's Mack Brown on Tuesday was named coach of the year. Texas quarterback Vince Young was a unanimous choice as offensive player of the year, and Slay beat out seven other vote-getters on the defensive side.

    Oklahoma State freshman running back Mike Hamilton and Oklahoma junior defensive end C.J. Ah You were named newcomers of the year for offense and defense.

    The AP all-Big 12 teams will be revealed today.

    Slay didn't have to wait for acknowledgment.

    "I'm really excited for Dwayne, because he's certainly deserving,'' said Carlos Mainord, who coaches the Tech safeties. "The guy has done everything he needs to do to be the best player that he can be. He's been a great guy to coach and a great guy to work with, and I think he's very deserving of the honor.''

    Two decades ago, in a previous stint on the Tech staff, Mainord coached a secondary that ranked among the best in the nation at pass defense. As a group, they were physical players who called themselves "The Hammerheads.''

    With Slay around, it's been "Hammerhead, the Next Generation.''

    Whether it was making a violent hit or just homing in to put his helmet on the football, Slay changed the momentum of games more than once with his forced fumbles. The Raiders were involved in a tight game against Kansas State early in the second half, but Slay caused two fumbles in the third quarter that sparked Tech to a 59-20 blowout.

    A tight game against Texas A&M changed at the start of the third quarter when Slay knocked the ball free from an Aggies running back. Tech took it in, scored and went on to win 56-17.

    One of Slays hits, on K-State's Allan Evridge, was so chilling that even Tech players sounded as if they felt sorry for the Wildcats' quarterback.

    "I was trying to get off a block and I heard a boom. Everybody was like 'oooohhh,' '' Tech linebacker Fletcher Session said in a hushed tone.

    Oddly enough, Slay swears causing fumbles was never part of his reputation - at Reedley (Calif.) College or in high school at Brunswick, Ga.

    "Not a one. Not a one,'' he said. "Never caused a fumble until this year. Seriously. It's strange. I got one and said, maybe I can get another. They just kept coming, and guys around me helped me out.''

    To be the conference defensive player of the year was a remarkable leap. Last year, his first at Tech, Slay was a valuable player on special teams but a backup safety.

    Neither he nor Mainord, though, acted surprised by his ascension.

    "Not really,'' Slay said. "I believe the things that I did last year for the team were pretty big. Although it was special teams, whenever I got a chance to get in there, I made something happen.''

    Mainord, who spent a decade in the NFL before returning to Tech in 2004, says Slay puts in the preparation behind the scenes that will give him a chance to succeed at the next level. It showed just in the past 12 months.

    "He got his feet on the ground last year and picked up the system,'' Mainord said. "Then last spring, he had a great spring, and he put it all into effect this fall. The guy is a hard-working, dedicated player. It's a tribute to him, the way he works and the way he prepares and the way he approaches games.''
  17. MiStar

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    Donte Whitner, S, Ohio State.

    Positives - Playmaking safety that can play anywhere on the field. He can play up at the line of scrimmage, he can drop back into deep zone, and he can line up as a nickel corner. A superb blitzer and ballhawk. With his 4.4 speed he has very good range in the secondary. He has as much upside as any safety in the draft, if he declares.

    Negatives - He's not very tall at 5'11, and although he makes a lot of big hits, he doesn't wrap very well and, as a result, will miss tackles.

    NFL comparison - Bob Sanders, S, Colts
  18. TEK2000

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    We don't need a heavy hitter.. we need a COVERAGE safety that can handle recievers 1 on 1 and won't get outrun by Ron Dayne.

    Slay started out at JUCO... so he couldn't score high enough on the ACT to make it to D1 out of high school. He's only started for 1 year and all the stats ttu.edu has listed are about tackling and nothing about coverage.

    After having Keith Davis as our starting safety... I want a SMART player that doesn't make mistakes in his coverage responsibilities. I want a FAST safety that is outstanding in coverage and can handle 1 on 1 situations. We already have our hard hitting, playmaker safety in Roy Williams... we need someone to free him up from coverage so he can do what he does best.

    Michael Huff is everything I want in a safety to compliment Roy Williams.
  19. Fletch

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    Okay, D Slay it is. I'm game! I've seen the kid play and came off very impressed. Him or Huff all day long!
  20. peppersquad

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    Im the biggest Longhorn basher in the world and I want Huff.

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