Eagles are beat up

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Wimbo, Aug 6, 2004.

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    *got stats from Adamjt13's posts...*
    In the two games that sheppard and brown started together, they allowed 291 yards passing against the bills, and 271 yards passing against the redskins.
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    but together they only allowed one td last season so please tell me how them numbers have a factor in them games that the eagles won.........plus it was their first 2 starts so it would have been tough for them :rolleyes:
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    Roll your eyes all you want but neither guy produced like Taylor or Vincent. Again they very well could become top CB in this league all I'm saying is they will have to prove themselfs to the league. I'm not ragging on them just stating a fact that with Taylor and Vincent you knew exactly what to expect and with these other 2 guys it is not as sure of a situation for the eagles.


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    C'boys one and all,

    (said with a strong Jamaican accent) ... stop the heatin mon! Dis won' bring yor QB baac, so stop the de - ni - ing. :eek:

    Eagles may indeed have some bumps and bruises. But that should tell you that we not puzzy footing around out there. Someone out there is inflicting these injuries! Next stop will be your house! :cool:
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    I love it how you overeact so much because of a few minor injuries that will have no affect on the regular season, I would MUCH rather have them all injured now than later.

    Dawkins is the only one that isn't "day-to-day" and he is out for a week!

    You people are sad...
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    This one: Eagles "Keep Pushing" Ahead

    An unbias opinion on our training camp.
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    Man, when did Campo go to Philly?
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    Well, I love their DC Jim Johnson, but I now hate Dawkins after he took that cheap shot of the Giants WR & put him out for the year I think it was...

    It was right after Woodsons clean but very hard hit and of course Woodson get the record fine...

    I love very hard (clean) hits, But I hate cheap shot players like Dawkins.

    The big question is how healthy Kearse will be? Anyone know?
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    Dawkins is a "cheap shot player" just because he had one border line hit? Look back, everything else is clean.
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    Border Line hit? It left the other guy on the feild injuried.
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    If that's your only criteria, RW is one of the Dirtiest Players in the game:

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    Giving me goosebumps. If only that was T.O.!!!!

    Dang, come on football season, get here soon.......please.
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    Theyll make it harder for them to win, duh.
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    Wahts dirty about that? He hit shoulder first and it was to prevent the ball from being grabbed...

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