Eagles fans instructed to root against the Eagles

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    Philadelphia Daily News columnist John Smallwood wrote a column Tuesday that essentially told Eagles fans that want change to root for the Eagles to lose down the stretch.

    I’m fortunate enough to know a few insane Eagles fans. They didn’t need to be told to root against this Eagles team; they were doing it weeks ago.
    This makes absolutely no sense to me, but a segment of the Eagles fanbase wants to be put out of their misery. Or wallow in it. Plenty of Eagles fans want Andy Reid gone, so a total meltdown is seen as a good thing.
    Reid is still clinging to hope.

    “It’s exciting, man, I’m excited,” Reid said Monday. “We’ve got three games left, we’re still in and that’s a good thing.”

    Philadelphia would win the division if there was a three-way tie at 8-8.
    That’s unlikely for a lot of reasons, starting with this one: The Eagles would have to win four straight games to finish the season.

    They haven’t won more than two straight all season. They are 2-5 against teams with winning records and they face two winning teams coming up.
    Rooting against your own team seems asinine and desperate, but ultimately it doesn’t really matter. The 2011 Eagles have shown a strong proclivity towards losing no matter how their fans feel.

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