Eagles got Boykin

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Eskimo, Apr 28, 2012.

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    It is frustrating how much better they are at acquiring picks and then using them on major talent. How they got so much for Kolb boggles my mind.

    They started off better than us and I think they have out-drafted us again by a good margin.

    Our only hope is if Claiborne is as good as Bailey/Revis/Woodson as the FO claims. I hope they are right because they staked everything on that pick. Unless we can leave that kid alone on an island this draft is probably a bust.
  2. Vintage

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    I remember a lot of rueage when they ended up with Brunkley and Justice in the same draft. Like our rookies.... Wait and see.
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    People get caught up in the hype. I'm happier that the Cowboys are doing their research and getting guys who they want, while the Eagles are looking on ESPN.com to see who of the remaining players Mel Kiper gave the highest grade to.
  4. Chuck 54

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    You either trust the scouts and the system of finding the right players for your scheme or you don't. Jason is clearly in charge, and he thinks he's giving Rob what he needs.

    Boykin is for the Eagles what Scandrick is for us...big whoop.

    If we hadn't given up one pick for moving up for Claibourne, fans would be complaining about Brockers being another Spears, why we chose another LB, and why we didn't draft OL, which was clearly never a high priority.

    If these guys we drafted don't improve our team over the next couple of years, then we should dump on Jason and Rob because Jerry is clearly supporting them.
  5. AmishCowboy

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    He'll be a nice Nickel back for them

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