Eagles hire a sports science coordinator?

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Bluestang, Feb 8, 2013.

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    Shaun Huls, Sports Science Coordinator
    Shaun Huls most recently served as the head strength and conditioning coach and combatives coordinator for Navy Special Warfare. After beginning his career as a student assistant and a student strength coach with the University of Nebraska, Huls held various strength and conditioning posts with Nebraska, the University of Nevada and Hampton University. During his career, Huls has trained numerous current NFL players, professional baseball players, MMA fighters, track and field, wrestling and swimming Olympians. In addition, Huls is a championed collegiate Olympic lifter and Brazilian jiu-jitsu competitor.


    I wonder what his actual job is?
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    Sounds like the random guy on the Patriots staff. Guess he's been there for a while and has some sort of direct line to Belichick but nobody really knows what he does. I read an article or saw a video somewhere and it was pretty interesting. From all they said, he just breaks down film but there's gotta be a little more to it than that from the impression I got.

    Almost like this is Bill Belichick's JoBu to whom he leaves small offerings of rum every now and then.
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    Sounds like he's just a standard run of the mill strength and conditioning coordinator, but aside from just focusing on working/consulting with athletes he's also worked with some select combat units.
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    This position, I think, is the first ever created for the NFL.

    Chip Kelly has 22 total assistants/coaches on his staff, the biggest, currently in the NFL.

    They have that position officially filled with this guy...

    Josh Hingst, Strength And Conditioning

    Josh Hingst joins the Eagles after spending the previous season as the assistant strength and conditioning coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars. A registered dietician and a certified strength and conditioning specialist, Hingst previously spent three years (2009-11) as the director of sports nutrition at Nebraska and one season as the team nutritionist (2008) for the Atlanta Falcons. He also held a five-year stint (2003-07) in strength and conditioning and sports nutrition capacities at Florida State. A native of Hooper, NE, Hingst received his bachelor's degrees in nutritional sciences and dietetics and exercise science from Nebraska and his Master’s in clinical nutrition from Florida State.
    Did You Know? Josh Hingst is a Registered Dietician, is Strength and Conditioning Coach Certified, and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.


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