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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Senny, Oct 11, 2006.

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    Here's something positive to take away from the Eagles game, look at where their points came from.

    -2 long TD passes (Both wouldn't have happened if Pat Watkins didn't bite on them)

    -The 10 points in the first quarter after McBriar's fumble, and Bledsoe's (OLines fault)....so we're at 24

    -Last INT for a TD, thats 31...they finished with 38

    -It wasn't like Philly SYSTEMATICALLY desimated our defense...okay...WATKINS bit HUGE twice, they got 10 points after Turnovers deep in our territory.

    -I know McNabb had great numbers, but a few mistakes cost us the game, because we got a young D.

    -Bledsoe isnt a come-from-behind QB (obviously), this team is built for the QB to manage the game. I don't know why everyone is shocked at that, what did you think Parcells was gonna do when he got here? Get a QB and offensive system that rivals the "greatest show on turf" ? No...if our D doesn't make those mistakes and our kicker doesn't fumble that, we never put Bledsoe in that position to throw those picks (that he will continue to throw in those situations)...We've ran it more and beat them soundly.

    -Young Defense that's all. They'll learn....obviously the OLine sucked and so did Drew, but he wont if he doesnt have to play from behind.
  2. canters

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    Sounds like what BP said,,,,,"mental errors."

    We will never take the next step until "mental errors" are not a problem.

    THUMPER Papa

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    Our defense played very well for the most part but gave up 3 big plays that hurt us.

    Most of our problems are fixable. QB is one that should be addressed but won't be for a while yet.
  4. Senny

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    I agree....and it's up the coach to correct those "mental errors" but not every team is perfect...this defense which the team is based on hopefully will get it together and be dominant sometime this season. And if we have a defense like the ravens/broncos/bears this year...i don't see many teams beating us. And we are sooo close, you can see it, this defense is nasty.

    Rex Grossman isnt the next John Elway...but Bears fans are complaining because all he has to do is manage the game. Steelers fans weren't complaining about Rothlesburger last year, because everyone else carried the team, he just managed it (even though he's blowing games now). We'll be fine....trust me, just a little growing pains. :rolleyes:

    Oh yeah and Brady Quinn is a winner. Maybe some other college QBs are gonna be higher on the draft charts because of numbers. But i guarentee you with the offense that Charlie Weiss is running there, Quinns responsibility and knowledge of the game surpass those other QB's by astronomical propotions...Quinn will be NFL ready when he gets drafted. Unfortunately we won't get him...
  5. burmafrd

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    I am hoping that the right teams are at the bottom of the NFL this year so that Quinn slips to 7 or 8. Assuming we draft in the 20's then our pick this year plus next years #1 should be enough to get him.
  6. Yakuza Rich

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    I agree with most of it. We started off by spotting them the ball at our own 14 and 12 yard line.

    Obviously, there's no guarantee that mental errors will go away or that Bledsoe will stop turning the ball over and being incompetent, but we did completely take away their running game and made them a one dimensional team. Erasing the mental errors, avoiding turnovers on offense, and continuing to shut down their running game will make things much much tougher for McNabb.

  7. jimmy40

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    Looking for positives in the way the other team scored 38 is pretty damn sad. Quit the spinning, this was a bad, bad loss. It's done, on to the Texans.
  8. CrazyCowboy

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    Nice facts, our def is young and will improve.
  9. Coakleys Dad

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  10. Senny

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    I understand what you're saying...and yes we definately have to forget this game and move on. But, it's not really spinning it, it's just the reality and the reasons for the loss. I'm just trying to make everyone realize that it's not all over for us. We barely lost to maybe our biggest conference challenge, or 2nd (the Bears) because of some HUGE mental errors. Hopefully by the time the division race really heats up and playoffs start, those errors won't be happening, hopefully the team will have learned from the last game, and we will beat the Eagles next time and if we face them or whoever in the playoffs.

    But, it's def. time to move onto the Texans.
  11. Blue&Silver

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    I don't buy all the analysis.

    If you go by what we did you need to also factor in what they did wrong. The very reason we even had a shot in that game was a bad spot call, then a pass interference that never should have happened. Also the Westbrook fumble, and McNabb fumble. They made plenty of mistakes to keep us in the game.

    You can't go by if we did this differently. It just doesn't work like that. because there's always if they did this definitely.

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