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    The question I guess is, does he have anything left in the tank? The Eagles once again, have signed Trotter and Douglas to 1 year, minimal salaries, so there is little risk. With how short they are on DE's, this at least sures up their defensive line a little, even if Kearse and Burgess start. The 2 prodigal sons have returned home.
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    Stick a fork in Douglas... he's done.
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    He is about as done as Eddie George. We should have never signed him to anything but the minimum.
  4. MichaelWinicki

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    Probably shouldn't have signed him period.

    A. Smith would have been a better pickup.
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    Del Rio said he was in great shape but still didn't have that same burst to get to the quarterback like he did two years ago, but he said that he has been great against the run.

    He is only three months older than Strahan and no one is questioning him.

    He was signed more for his additions in the locker room, much like George. George might be very productive this season, but be terrible on the field like he has been in the preseason.

    Last season, we really didn't have too many vocal players, besides Dawkins. Douglas and Trotter are both extremely vocal and should help "fire" us up for gameday, even if they are done on the field (I don't think that Trotter is done, he is still in his prime and has looked great on the field durring preseason, but Douglas is a question mark).

    I think he is still capable of 8 sacks as a starter (5 as a rotational player), but he isn't the 12-15 sack guy he was earlier in his career. He is still just as good, if not better than Kalu.

    He didn't like it in Jacksonville, so he really didn't try, in Philadelphia, he gives his all on every Sunday. Hopefully Warner is scared... :D
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    I think it's a great pickup for the Eagles. He's cheap, and a locker room leader. Think of the impact Dan Campbell has had for us, and he doesn't have nearly the game impact that Douglas could potentially have. With all the blitzing Jim Johnson does, Douglas even as slow as he's gotten apparently, could still have 10-12 sacks if he ends up the guy who gets his hands on the QB.

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