East Bound and Down

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Nomad, Mar 17, 2009.

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    Has anyone else been watching this on HBO? They are already on episode 5 of 6 and this Sunday night will be the season finale, but if you missed it they'll probably show it from the beginning eventually.

    Warning it's pretty vulgar and definitely not for kids, but hilarious.

    The main character is a former MLB pitcher who's fallen off and living with his brother teaching PE, I thought a lot of people here would think it's funny.
  2. trickblue

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    I've watched every episode... and it IS funny but the language is way over the top IMO...

    The script reads like some of our discussions in the Mod Zone...
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  4. kmp77

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    Yup, good show! I need to dload sunday's episode now you mention it.

    I like the over the top language and humor. It's on HBO so definitely not for kids or people with sticks up their bums. :D
  5. Yeagermeister

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    And that's just WG

    CBZ is much worse :D

    Evening Pops
  6. CowboyWay

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    There was a post about this show on here a few weeks ago. Got pretty good reviews, so I set my tivo and watched a few episodes.

    I laughed like a damn fool. It was THAT funny. My wife hates the show, but I think its genius.

    If you haven't done so already, WATCH IT !!

    Very over the top yes, but very funny.
  7. BrAinPaiNt

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    It has it's moments but I don't think it is as good as some think it is. But that is just me.

    I mean there can be a part or two where I am laughing like a loon and then there are a bunch of times when they are trying to get a laugh and it just seems kind of lame or stupid.

    Will Ferrell is good at what he does but I have found that he tends to go too far in trying to pull in a laugh. I don't mean too far as in language or topic...just drags on with something and it just does not pay off. Not sure if people get what I mean by that.

    Anyways...decent show, extremely funny in some parts but also drags and is lame in other parts.

    Worth watching over all though.
  8. SuspectCorner

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    Kenny is such an ego-driven idiot - he flat out kills me.
  9. kmp77

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    *SMACK* I GOT MY PITCH BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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