News: Eatman: Cowboys sign rookie tight end Trusty

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Dale, Jun 8, 2004.

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    Nick Eatman Staff Writer
    June 8, 2004, 5:13 p.m. (CDT)

    IRVING, Texas -- The Cowboys added another player to their roster Tuesday, signing rookie tight end Landon Trusty.

    The club had a roster spot open after rookie linebacker Ryan Fowler was released two weeks ago after suffering a back injury. But instead of signing a linebacker, the Cowboys decided to add another player to an already-deep tight end position.

    Trusty (6-7, 270) played his college ball at Division II Central Arkansas, where he also started two seasons for the basketball team.

    The oversized tight end is known for his pass-catching ability and powerful blocking. But his lack of speed down the field likely hurt his draft status. Coming out of high school, Trusty attracted schools such as Alabama and Michigan, but torn ligaments in his knee suffered during his senior season lessened interest from many schools.

    But at UCA, Trusty was one of the Bears' top offensive players, catching 78 passes for 1,062 yards and 20 touchdowns during his four collegiate seasons. He was also named a two-time Academic All-American, carrying a 4.0 grade-point average throughout his career at UCA.

    The Cowboys now have six tight ends on the roster, including deep snapper Jeff Robinson, who was used on goal-line situations last year, catching two passes for two touchdowns.

    But with Dan Campbell and Jason Witten expected to be heavily involved in the offense, Trusty will likely have to compete for a roster spot with four-year veteran James Whalen, one of the team's better special teams player, and rookie Sean Ryan, a fourth-round pick from Boston College.
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    Trusty is playing for a practice squad spot.
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    This guy has RT and practice squad written all over him.
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    I was thinking the same thing when I saw his HT/WT.. Plus that seemed to be a common theme with Peterman and Rogers.. both were former TE's
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    Seems a bit light to be a RT to me but being a rookie, there's time to fill in that frame. Camp fodder or PS is where I can see him if he looks to be a prospect that can develop.
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    I know that BP likes TE's but geez, when is enough enough? 6 TE's? Kind of like CB's a couple of years ago. I just hope we have better TE's now than we had CB's then.

    And this one sounds like a scrub. Slow, and with injury history.
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    my thoughts exactly
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    We've got Trusty and Polite on the team.

    Parcells said he wanted guys with character, but I think this is taking it too far :D
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    It's about time that we had a Trusty TE. We haven't had that since Jay. :D
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    We did have a "Lucky" te, but we just didn't know that his middle name was "Un".
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    Rim shot please! :cool:
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    Perhaps the worst picture ever taken (Trusty is No. 7) --


    An interview with --

    Q: Can you list your Height/Weight/40/bench reps/vertical leap?

    Landon: 6'7", 270, 4.9, 24, 33''

    Q: Can you list 3 playing strengths?

    Landon: Catching ability, getting open, and efficient blocker.

    Q: Do you feel you have any weaknesses, either physical or mentally?

    Landon: Too passive at times, but I am working on my aggression and on finishing blocks.

    Q: How did you end up at Central Arkansas?

    Landon: Well, I tore a few ligaments in my knee my senior year of high school. Michigan, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas and others were at the game I got hurt in. After the game, Arkansas State was the only school that stayed interested in me. At the last minute, UCA came in and I really liked the school and the coaching staff. I loved the offense, and since at the time I played quarterback, the wide-open offense was very appealing. Anyways, I came to UCA as a quarterback, switched to TE during two-a-days my freshman year, put on over 45 lbs., and have enjoyed my collegiate career thus far.

    Q: Did you have the opportunity to go to any other schools?

    Landon: Yes. Arkansas State wanted me to go there, but my semi-serious knee injury scared away all the bigger schools. I was able to play basketball my senior year, and we won the state championship, so obviously my knee healed fine.

    Q: Does being at a smaller school make you work harder to make sure you aren't over looked?

    Landon: Definitely. I know I'm one of the best Tight End's in DII football, but now I'm being compared to Winslow from Miami and Utecht from Minnesota. I'm working harder this off-season than I ever have in my life. I'm running a lot, because that's probably my weakest area-speed. But when it comes to playing on the field, I believe that you can throw all of the measured numbers away. I know I can play football and that's all that matters. I hope that I can get chance from some pro team.
    Q: Who is the best player you have faced?

    Landon: T.J. Bingham was pretty good. He played DE for Ouachita Baptist . Also, Valdosta always has good players- (Ced) Dickerson at Safety and (Dusty) Bonner at Quarterback.
    Q: Describe your basketball game for me.

    Landon: In retirement. But seriously, when I used to play, I was physical, but not just a big strong body. I could play a little bit. I really looked to set up my teammates first and dunk on somebody second. I played post in college, but I am a lot better at Power Forward where I can drive and dish. I do set pretty good screens, too.

    Q: Did you participate in any other sports in High School besides basketball?

    Landon: Not really. I threw the shot for recreation because my best friend's dad was the track coach and he wanted me to be there for team morale. Also, I tried to pitch my senior year, but it made my arm hurt and that was a bad thing since at the time I played Quarterback.

    Q: Off the field what type of person are you?

    Landon: Family oriented. I'm a nice guy, sometimes funny. I am married and my wife is due any day now. We are having a girl (named Madison Rachelle), and a perfect day/night is spent with her (my wife, Erica) watching TV or playing games. I also have a really good relationship with my folks and sister. I am really laid back, and I stay out of trouble.

    Q: What is your favorite football moment?

    Landon: This past season, we beat our rival (Arkansas) Tech for the first time since I've been here, and it was a great team victory- shutout for the defense, sound kicking game, and a productive offensive unit. Hopefully, my favorite moment is yet to come...

    Q: What are your goals this and for yourself?

    Landon: For the team, just win. We want to win our conference, so just win. So first win conference, and with that will probably come going to the playoffs, and if we get to that point, our goal will be a national title. For me, first and foremost, is to be the best player I can be on the field for this team. I really believe that if I do my best and UCA wins, then at the end of the season I will be personally in a very favorable position for continuing my football career. Ultimately, for me, making an NFL camp or being drafted is my goal.

    Q: Do you have any postseason plans?

    Landon: I'm not sure what you mean. I know that I will have to play very good all season to be in a position to make postseason plans. I hope to maybe acquire an agent and go from there. No doubt about it though, I will be in ultimate shape whenever the combine (or that time period) comes around. I do plan on graduating with a degree in Finance the semester after this season ends.

    Q: What would you like to accomplish in the next five years?

    Landon: I want to play in the NFL for as long as I can. I want to just become the best TE that I can be. I know how to learn, and I learn more every practice. I want to be good.

    Q: I just wanted to say keep up the good work—I saw that 4.0 GPA!

    Landon: I appreciate that. Its not easy at times, but I currently have over 90 hours of A's. I think that should show teams that I have a big mental capacity, and can learn on the fly.
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    Man, BP is really obsessed with the TE position isn't he?
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    yo this was a great pick up I have video tapes of this tight end this is one of my favorites was hoping Cowboys draft him in the seventh round or something.
    His catching ability is tremendously outstanding. I bet everybody on this site if the Cowboys gives him enough reps he could be on that 53-man roster. This tight end brings a whole lot of competition to the position.... He knows how to block as well as catch....


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