News: Eatman: Getting Spencer Back Means Beating Market First

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Feb 11, 2013.

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    Nick Eatman Staff Writer

    IRVING, Texas – A year ago, the Cowboys slapped the franchise tag on Anthony Spencer[​IMG] and you would’ve thought they had spent a first-round pick on a punter.

    There was such uproar from fans who couldn’t believe a guy with no more than 6.5 sacks in one season could earn $8.8 million last year alone.

    As it turned out, the Cowboys probably did make a mistake there. In hindsight, signing him to a long-term deal right then would’ve been cheaper in the long run. Then again, who knows if that security would’ve led to Spencer’s career season that included 11 sacks, a team-leading 106 tackles and his first Pro Bowl selection.

    But now, putting another franchise tag on Spencer seems exactly what many fans want the Cowboys to do, which will actually cost them about $10.63 million this year.

    But it’s not going to happen. It can’t happen.

    The time period to franchise tag Spencer is Feb. 18 to March 4. That is done so teams can keep their negotiating rights with their current players before the free-agent signing period begins, which in this case starts March 12.

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    I totally disagree with this premise. Dallas certainly can franchise Spencer by simply moving some money around. I don't know if the Cowboys want to franchise Spencer, but it's silly to think that just because it would put them $30 million under the cap (according to this article) that the Cowboys can't make it work.

    If the cap age has shown us anything, it's that teams can really do what they want by manipulating it.

    As Stephen Jones says in my sig, 'Room' always makes me chuckle. The only people who worry about room are the fans and the media.
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    I believe you mean "over" the cap

    ...anyway, I like spencer as a player, I don't like the contract he is going to want....we can get a big dud in the draft and let him compete with Crawford for the DE spot opposite Ware...I wouldn't mind seeing spencer back with the team, but if it prohibits them form improving the OLine, then no thanks...
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    Of course you could, but sooner or later you have to pay the price for "manipulating" the cap. Laters Spence, hope someone signs you to a 60 mil deal.
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    I don't think Dallas is going to improve the line in free agency, no matter what the Cowboys do with Spencer. They spent for two FA linemen last year, so I don't see them going that route again.

    Any new OL will come in the draft, I believe.
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    People have been waiting for Washington to pay for years and the Redskins really haven't, other than the big (unfair) penalty they received from the league.

    Even with the penalty, they signed Pierre Garcon to a five-year, $42.5 million contract with $20.5 million guaranteed and an $11 million signing bonus on the first day of free agency.

    People around here have been waiting for the other shoe to drop on Washington for a long time, but it hasn't because of the flexibility of moving money around.
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    I believe you mean "dude" :D
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    this kinda talk is goofy. yes, the cap has hit washington many times.
    they have lost guys they would have preferred to keep. and they went forever without a real QB.

    one of the things shanny has been adamant about is keeping the cap situation under control.
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    Eatman's take makes very little sense.

    The Cowboys HAVE to get 20m shaved off the cap by March 12th but somehow can't possibly get 30M?

    That makes zero sense. Dallas obviously can use the 10M for Spencer later on when they remove the tag, re-sign him long-term or trade him. They do not have to keep the tag in place forever, nor do hey have to sign everyone by March 12th.

    SJones has told us Romo is key and that is 100% accurate. Romo has no desire to fish for dollars and cost us players he needs to win with. His contract numbers aren't that much of a spread. He will get well paid and both sides know it. I am sure they are already talking about it.
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    I think it is possible that Spencer and Ware blow up. I mean, they will be able to rush the passer almost every down and won't have to worry about coverages.

    35 sacks between the two of them is possible.

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