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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Irving Cowboy, Sep 3, 2005.

  1. Irving Cowboy

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    He was a commentator for the game between the Titans & Packers, and one of the guys mentioned how glad they were to have him in the booth, mentioned how he was with the Titans for 8 years and a Dallas Cowboy last year, and Eddie interjected "Don't ever mention Dallas again..." Then he started backtracking saying "The city is great" and all the usual stuff... even his pal in the booth said he was backpedaling....

    Hey Eddie, we feel the same way about you...
  2. stilltheguru

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    YES WE DO.

    eddie was pure garbage here.
  3. Yakuza Rich

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    Watching Eddie run the ball last year, backpedaling seems to be his forte.

  4. underdark

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    yeah, we only have unconditional love for cowboys players who TRY
  5. LaTunaNostra

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    If EG had had the brains and humilty to admit he was finished when the Titans cut him, he wouldn't have had to suffer the indignity of his embarrassment last year

    Instead, he's blaming Bill and Jerry for giving him a chance he didn't deserve?

    I don't blame him for not wanting Dallas mentioned - I'd want to forget it too.

    His tenure here was a perfect example of a once elite athlete choosing to humiliate himself because he just won't admit the truth - that it's OVER, baby, over.
  6. JDSmith

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    I think he tried, he just couldn't get it done. I also think he got plenty of opportunities, he simply didn't produces when he got them. And when Julius comes in and plays behind the same line and gets almost a full yard more per carry, the writing is on the wall. EG just didn't want to accept that his time had passed - and probably still doesn't.
  7. Nerm

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    EG looked like he was running in two feet of water when he had the ball. Talk about slow.
  8. Rogerthat12

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    You nailed it!!! In addition, Eddie should of realized that NO OTHER TEAM WANTED HIM THIS YEAR EITHER ...thus his demotion to the local Titans tv coverage..he is aweful on there too ..:)

    MRTRIPOD New Member

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    eddie ran like an old woman

    one hit and he was down

    he was SLOW and could not catch

    its pathetic when we were calling for rashard lee to get carries over him
  10. mullet

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    well said, and so true.
  11. Cbz40

    Cbz40 The Grand Poobah

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    2 Likes Received one time you were a great RB but you should have known it was time too:

    "Turn out the lights the party's over"
  12. cwbyfan72

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    I remember watching holes open in the running game and thinking " holy crap here it goes", and that snail that wore 27 would gain 2 yards.....then watching JJ explode through those holes! Was his excuse the old Wiley " they didnt use me right"? PLease......stay yer a-- in the booth and keep our team out of yer mouth.
  13. morasp

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    I don't blame him. He made a lot more money standing on sidelines then he was making as a commentator. I would bet he cashed all of the game checks they issued to him.
  14. pancakeman

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    Good point...
  15. LeonDixson

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    I've always liked EG, but he was horrid here. I was okay with bringing him in because I thought he could the the 3rd and 1 or 3rd and 2 yards for us on a regular basis. Something we were not doing well. But he couldn't even do that.

    Eddie was totally used up before last year.
  16. CaptainAmerica

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    I would just ask him to return the million $$ Jerry gave him for NOTHING and then he can say whatever he wants about Jerry, Parcells, the team, etc. Guess he forgot about that, huh?

    Is that fair enough?
  17. noshame

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    Gosh, those where the days ;)
  18. Erik_H

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  19. FRDRCK

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    if you saw him on NFL Total Access you'd know that he can't DJ either. He can't do nothing right.
  20. JackMagist

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    Hey he was pretty good in the first 5 minutes of that one Steven Segal film he did...right up till his character got shot in the head and killed. Maybe he can be an actor; after all he was a good enough actor to get his hands on some of Jerry's millions.

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