Edgar Jones practiced at both DE positions today/Claiborne talks Giants

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Sep 2, 2013.

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    Brandon George ‏@DMN_George 44m
    New Cowboys player Edgar Jones worked at both DE positions in practice today, he said.
    Ex-Giants LB Kyle Bosworth on if Tony Romo has asked about what NY will do: “We’ve talked about it a little bit. I’m sure that’s for later.”

    Carlos A. Mendez ‏@calexmendez 17m
    What did Edgar Jones learn today? ‘Playing fast, man. That’s what I absorbed on this first day. Just playing fast, not thinking too much.’

    Jon Machota ‏@********** 19m
    Mo Claiborne on New York Giants: "I learned a lot last year by going up against those receivers. They got some good receivers over there."
    No longer a rookie but Claiborne's still expecting to get challenged often. "My mindset is that each and every play theyre coming after me."
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    I thought someone said Edgar could also play LB, anyone else hear anything about this?

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