Eli and Giants falling off, will they collapse like history suggests?

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by EvilJerry88, Nov 5, 2012.

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    I'm on here because I am a god guy. I bring a great perspective and am always honest. I was rudely barraged when I first came on, I mean some of you berated me to no end...but a few on here asked me to stay when I said I had enough, and I did.

    That ok with you?
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    WOW...I MEANT WOW!!....you sir should be commended for your honesty and opinion. You are honest and forthright. You are correct, they take advantage of things that not a lot of teams do. Yes they are lucky (as most sports teams are), but they take advantage of it, as smart ones do. They are 6-3, and not the end of the world. If they lose to Cincy, then this could be (again) the start of their historical collapse, if not, they have a bye coming up and should regroup from the Steelers game.

    I know how you feel, and you should not be happy with Eli's success vs. Romo's. And I respect your respect of them.

    Talk to me anytime you like.....It would be a pleasure....
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    I wish we could fall off to 2 Super Bowls. Who cares about winning the division. You don't need to do that to have a deep playoff run anymore. This league is that tight to where you don't need homefield and a bye week.

    They will win the East by default. Redskins are pretty much done. Griffin is finally showing his rookie mishaps. And either us or the Eagles will be done as well. Leaving just one team for them to worry about for the rest of the way. The East is pretty bad this year, just like it was last year.
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    They probably will play bad the second half of the year and lose more than they win. As usual.

    But as usual they'll win the ones they need to in order to make the playoffs and then they'll have just as good a shot as anyone to win it all.

    That's just what they do.
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    Yeah, then watch them turn around, smash through the playoffs, and win another Superbowl. At this point, it's the Giants MO.
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    that Ron Jaworski analyzed Eli's play the last three weeks. He said that Eli looks like he has a "tired" arm. Apparently, that was confirmed with someone within the organization or close to that situation. They said that is why his throws have not been as crisp and on target as early on.

    I am hoping that if this is true, the bye week helps.

    Found this: http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap10...nning-struggling-with-fatigue-in-throwing-arm
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    Die Giants die. :laugh2:

    I hope they choke the rest of the season.
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    6-10 please :D
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    Giants are absolutely horrible in November.. Nothing new here...
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    Well now we are one back in the loss column with their bye coming up and us at Cleveland which isn't a gimme esp with this team.

    I have no idea how things will break but I know how I'd like them to.
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    Or see that i am right, and they have been exposed and looked like kaka again today against the Bungles.

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