Eli Manning threw ducks all day and a pick to lose the game = CHOKER?

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by AMERICAS_FAN, Oct 9, 2011.


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    I was just wondering when we'll see the news reports of how the all infalable Eli Manning is now a choker. Maybe they can combine that with a similar article about Vick as well. After all, it's not like the sports writers won't have time with Romo having the week off and all.
  2. VACowboy

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    They're busy writing about Washington winning the division.
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    I think it's tough to label Eli a choker being he was able to lead his team and win the the ultimate achievement in the NFL. I think Romo is by far a better QB tho.
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    Seriously can we give that a rest? Romo did choke, so he was rightfully beaten in the media and fans for it. At the sametime he is not as bad he is made out to be either nor is he a choker or its not his character or his legacy so far.

    So, just because Eli had a bad game or Vick had a bad game, you cannot expect them to get the same scrutiny as Romo. Game was under Cowboys complete control, unlike either of those games.

    Story is not complete for 2011. Let the season play out. If Romo/cowboys win enough games or make some noise in Playoffs, this all will be forgotten.
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    Dungy was a great player and coach and is a great man, he's an absolute buffoon as a commentator. He's on the Skins wagon for winning the division even though we beat them in wheelchairs.

    There are many former greats who are idiots on TV, it does not matter what they did in the day, it's still OK to say they are morons on TV now. This includes Jimmy Johnson. I loved him as our coach, I love that he's enjoying his well deserved TV gig now, but his opinions are idiotic more often then not.

    Deion was great for this team, he's the biggest idiot on TV I've ever seen in my life.

    Emmit, I have to ask myself if he has a 3rd grade education when I hear him speak about football on TV.

    Troy tries too hard not to be a homer until recently but he knows what he's talking about.

    Irvin is great. He's not always right but I respect the hell out of his passion for the game and love for the Cowboys.

    Moose is pretty good.

    Woody is another one who took too many shots in the head.

    That is all.
  6. shockandroll

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    So he did it all by himself? Did his defense help at all?

    His defense led that team and won the ultimate achievement.
  7. CowboysEmpire

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    i dont know if i would call romo a "better" QB but i believe that he is a bit more professional and experienced. and yes, you really cant hate on eli since he did win a superbowl...
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    I'm sure Eli has had more games lost in the 4th qtr by picks in his career than Tony. If he has had 5, that is more....so I'm sure he has.

    He throws a duck up in the SB and a guy makes a once in a lifetime helmet catch and Eli is forgiven for life. Crazy.
  9. sunbum

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    sure, the Giants defense contributed but this thread is about Eli and being a choker. On the flip, if Romo had/wins a SB ring, his reputation would go up several notches and this choker crap we hear from the media would instantly disappear.

    Once you win a SB, they can never take that away!
  10. Picksix

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    True, the defense was largely responsible for their success, but Eli was very solid throughout the entire playoffs that year, and he did lead two TD drives in the 4th quarter of the SB (including the winning drive). Doesn't matter if two of the passes on that drive should have been picked. They won, so all people remember are the positives. Right or wrong, that gives him a pass, no matter how many times he blows it like he did today.

    When Peyton finally won, all of his previously failures went away. Same for Dungy. A SB ring is the great neutralizer.
  11. Everlastingxxx

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    I wish we would get it a rest. While there were QBs that did choke, some others did not. So what? I don’t understand what this has to do with Romo and the season he is having.

    I just think it is so easy to find excuses for a QB. I mean, you can go through Eli’s game and find excuses for his INTs. Example, Cruz tipped the pass, not his fault. Vick, the guy ran the wrong route (speculating). You guys use this excuse based logic for Romo but refuse to use it for anyone else outside of the Cowboys?

    Should the media treat other QBs like they do Romo? No. This is the Dallas Cowboys. Greatest football franchise in the world. Everything you do as a Dallas Cowboys is magnified...good and bad.
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    Stop it. You're well-balanced opinion is unwanted in a reactionary thread.
  13. tyke1doe

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    I wonder why posters have such a hard time grasping this. :huh:
  14. ChldsPlay

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    Somehow I doubt it.
  15. TheCoolFan

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    Does it even matter? When you're the QB of the Cowboys, you're gonna get that media spotlight, for better or worse. Romo got even more attention and praise than the typical QB would get when he had those "tough" games and played through injury. It comes with the territory
  16. casmith07

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    I'm getting to the point where I hope Romo goes to another team, and buffs and waxes the Cowboys en route to multiple Super Bowl titles.
  17. sunbum

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    well it would be pretty hypocritical if the media still labeled Romo a choker after he were to win a SB. It actually wouldn't be logical or make sense....how can you call someone a choker if they were to achieve the highest accomplishment....w/o choking? I mean I guess a team can win a SB despite a QB but there's a lot of football to play to get there and the QB is at the center of all of it.
  18. DFWJC

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    Sadly...I've have that thought more than once too.
  19. Risen Star

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    You may be on to something.
  20. shockandroll

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    Not for intelligent people it did not. Eli got lucky, I do give him credit for fighting through what should have been a sack, but then he threw it up for grabs. A guy caught it on his helmet who then washed out of the NFL, that is not skill or superior QBing, it was a prayer that was made possible because of a great defense.

    Without the defense, the Pats would have hung a ton of point on the Giants and they would not have won, period. The Giants offense was good enough, but their D won the game.

    This is the problem with too many posters, they think a win means a QB is great. When team performance is usually what gets the win, not just the QB.

    Example: Billick today pointed out how the iggles relied on Vicks arm for a TD, when he threw a screen behind the LOS and his receiver then made a great run. It was not at all Vick, it was the WR and blocking from the other guys down field. Vick had very little to do with it.

    Austin snatches a ball from 2 defenders and then runs 40 yards for a TD and Romo is great. Austin lets it bounce off his hands into a defenders and Romo is a chump. People are stupid.

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