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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by dboyz, Aug 4, 2006.

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    Okay conspiracy theorists:

    Greg Ellis has been playing SOLB with the 1st team for at least the past few days now. Interesting to say the least. The conventional wisdom, which I've agreed with, is that Parcells wants to put him in that position and get him used to it so he can keep the offense off balance. When Ellis is on the field, they will not know if it is 3-4 or 4-3. If it's 3-4, they won't know if Ellis is rushing or not. Basically a change up defense.

    Parcells has been very defensive about it in press conferences and thus it makes me wonder if there is a chance Ellis could see extensive time at OLB. He's been sort of chastising the press for making a big deal about it. Well the longer he continues to play LB with the first team, IMO the bigger deal it is.

    Does he want to have a bigger lineup, where an outside LB is always rushing. Anyway, I know we've got a ways to go yet, but if Ellis continues with the first team at OLB next week, then I would have to say that Parcells plans on using Ellis in that role a lot, maybe even as our base defense. After all, you have to set the starters sooner rather than later.
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    I bet you are right -- this will make it even harder to determine what the 'Boys are going to be doing on D.

    I think that when you have dynamic players, you do what ever it takes to get them onto the field. I like the comments about the comparisons to McGinest, but I also think a little bit of John Abraham too. I have seen some people wanting to ship GE down the road, but it is pretty tough to get effective value for him. The way I see it, more playmakers, the better.
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    Using the logic folks are using in other threads regarding Columbo and Gurode having the clear edge as starters, the Ellis situation would suggest that Greg is going to be the first team OLB opposite Ware.
  4. MiStar

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    The 3-4 and 4-3 lineups will still be rather distinct. The only place where it could make sense is in the Nickel. Let's say you start of showing the 4-2 and then want to switch to the 3-3 before the snap by moving Ware back, what have you gained? nothing.

    I can't see what advantage switching fronts with our personel will buy us.
  5. dboyz

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    Yeah, what I keep thinking of is don't listen to what Parcells says, watch what he does. And Ellis is still first team. Having said that, I wouldn't assume anything until next week. If Ellis is still starting next week, it means something. Same goes for Columbo or anyone else.
  6. dboyz

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    I don't see why they have to be distinct. The point is if Ellis is on the field, the opposing team will not know if the lineup will be 3-4 or 4-3, because Ellis can play end in the 4-3 and he can play OLB in the 4-3. The same thing goes for Ware.
  7. Doomsday

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    Akin has played both inside and outside as well so it would be easy to move Ellis to the down position and slide Akin outside in the 4-3. It will be interesting to see how it pans out.
  8. ravidubey

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    Parcells mainly wants to get Ellis reps because Ellis has never played that position. He's doing the same thing with Watkins (putting him on the 1st team) because he already knows what Killer can do.
  9. AbeBeta

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    and Gurode
  10. Billy Bullocks

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    Simple. You come out with Ware Canty Ferguson Spears Ellis

    those 4 can form a 4 man front with Ware at LB. You have gone from a 3-4 to a 4-3. Now the offense isn't sure if they are going to run a certain play against a 3 or 4 man front, which makes a difference.

    Also, in preperation for a game, they have to prepare for multiple fronts that we could throw at them besides just our base defense. It keeps the offense guessing. Allows us to dictate the game. And that is an advantage
  11. Shaun

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    I think Ellis will start there. Having Ellis and Ware on the field can cause a lot of confusion. Does Ellis rush, or does Ware rush, or do both of them rush? An offense will have to alter their protection scheme but they have to know who to pick up first. Both of them are dangerous enough to get to the QB on an play.
  12. cwalk

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    I think Greg is going to like this!
  13. theogt

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    It's really looking like Ellis will be our starting LOLB. Carp's continued use at RILB adds to the conspiracy theory.

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