Emmits Comments Disturbed Me...

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Cogan, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. Cogan

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    I was very disappointed yesterday, yes, even shocked, at what my all-time favorite player had to say on ESPN when discussing Terrell Owens. He began with the "now that he's on our side, let's get behind him" mantra. Then, what he said next sent a jolt of disbelief through me. The following is a paraphrase:

    "Cowboys' fans, including myself, were very upset at him when he desecrated the star, and our stadium....but, now, we can cheer him on while he desecrates other teams' stadiums."


    Say it ain't so, Emmitt! So, when he shows terrible sportsmanship to us, it's uncalled for, and there's no place in sports for that kind of behavior...kinda like what you said, Emmitt, after he dissed the Star. However, when he's wearing the Silver & Blue, anything goes? No way!

    How can we call ourselves Cowboy fans with pride the first time he mocks a players' victory dance, as he did to Ray Lewis last year after scoring TDs against the Ravens....or when he insinuates his former QB is a faggot, like he did to Jeff Garcia two years ago,.....or even now, when he writes rap songs & books, berating his former team, the Eagles, for what he brought on himself?? ......etc., etc.

    Come on, Emmitt. It's one thing to speak out supporting the jerk, now that he's a Cowboy. It's another to commend his juvenile, unsportsmanlike conduct we've all witnessed, on the field, & in front of the cameras for years. After all, the children of our country are still watching and listening to you, Emmitt. "Anything goes, as long as you're on my team". Is this the message you want to send them?
  2. sbuscha

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    Get over it...TO is signed and a Dallas Cowboy.

    Emmitt meant tearing apart other teams, as he did throughout the years. Emmitt did not say "anything goes" come on man, I heard it to.... He was basically saying get behind him and support him...
  3. Danny White

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    I agree with sbuscha... you may be reading a little too much into ole Emmitt's comments, Cogan.

    He's never been known for being a wordsmith, and I think he used "desecrated" because that word was in his mind from his previous sentence.
  4. chinch

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    emmit is not the most articulate person (although to his credit he is improving).

    just take it at face value "now he's a Cowboy so cheer for him" and let the hate go.
  5. lurkercowboy

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    It is not even possible to "desecrate" something like a stadium anyway. It is not that serious. Other teams fans hated Emmitt and Irvin for their celebrations all through their careers. I for one cheered them. I loved Irvin's "first down" gestures and remember that the NFL even passed a rule banning players from taking their helmet's off to celebrate like Emmitt used to do. Back in 2000, I was way more upset that the pitiful DB's on the Cowboys allowed TO to score another TD even after the first star celebration.
  6. sbuscha

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    Exactly... If we had a Dfense in the first place TO wouldn't have been able to score at will. That was then this is now.....
  7. silver

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    You mean Dwayne Goodrich wasn't any good?
  8. Zippy Speedster

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    Come on, most of us are gonna be laughing our _____ off when he starts doing stuff to other teams on the field, up on our feet cheering him on while we scream at our tv sets, probably even in tears, maybe even rolling ---> :lmao2: :lmao: :lmao2: :lmao:

    Or yall know he's gonna be the "man" when he catches that playoff game winning touchdown then runs over to the cowboys and starts kickin' a cheer with them. It's gonna be one of the most insane things we've ever seen in our lives and I bet we LOVE IT! Emmitt, too. :confused:
  9. prophetwayne

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    :star: Life can be very hard at times. All of us have made mistakes along
    the way.Where would we be if we weren't given another chance.Some seem
    to be worse than others.Unless you have been where others have been you can't understand why people do as they do.We live in a world and even in
    the church where people condemn one another with no mercy. This is not
    to imply that what people do is acceptable.We all face things even in our own families that we hate but we don't immediately terminate our relationships.Some people never change but many do so let's be more
    patient with others. You might be pleasantly surprised.God bless you all.

  10. Paniolo22

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    I hated TO as much as the next person, but what are our alternatives? I HAVE to cheer for him to do well for a couple of reasons. 1) He does well, WE do well. 2) If we do well and he ISN'T doing well, he is going to one major ******* Headache!
  11. ThreeSportStar80

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    TWO words for you kid, get OVER IT!! You guys act so sensative...
  12. OldButDeadly

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    What exactly did he do to DESECRATE the star?? It's not like he went out there and took a dump...for pete's sake...Maybe just maybe he was being phrophetic....hmmm...ever think about it that way??

    George Teague coaches the football team at my church....he told us that at the time it made him mad (Just because of the heat of the moment) but that when thinking back about it...it wasn't all that big of a deal....

    He went in the middle of the stadium and looked into the heavens....big freaking deal....

    As one poster puts it...get some nads...

  13. ThreeSportStar80

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    I agree, and the way Dallas was playing people were just made at the fact it was a BLOW OUT!!
  14. sporadic

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    maybe he meant defecate
  15. Cajuncowboy

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    Now this is a TO thread to keep watching. :fight:
  16. Native Born Fan

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    I hate to further disappoint you but i've heard from several friends that Emmitt doesn't believe in tipping. He has stiffed people who worked their *** off serving him while he ran up a 400 dollar tab. That's when my opinion of him as an individual took a nose dive. I've never bought any of his merchandise and never would.
  17. PacoReloaded

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    Or here's another take on it.. if Emmitt can get over what happened years ago then why can't you?

  18. PacoReloaded

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    It's no use.. some people just can't quit living in the past. It's truly a sad thing too.
  19. Ashwynn

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    I have the most problem of anyone on this board I bet with Terrell being a cowboy. But you guys that are whining about the star incident and any possible future episodes with other teams, keep this is mind. That is sports bravado. Even I dont ahve an issue with that persay, except that it tells you what kind of man he is. But we all know that already.

    The star inceident is just sports. I loved it when Irvin gave his 'First Down' signal. Other teams and fans hated that with as much passion as we hate the star inceident. But thats just sports. Same as Terrells antics. Let it go. If thats why you hate Terrell then I might think your hating just to hate. Now in conjunction with other things, I can see that, but as the primary reason, even I think thats a bit weak.
  20. Hoov

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    Yea, the desecrate the star thing is way overblown. Dude scored and celebrated, he's that type of player. Now if someone does something like that and i am the opponent im going to go after him because im an emotional kind of person and will react like,"lets get that SOB". But when the games over and im calmed down, i'll forget it ever happened. I wont hate a person for celebrating. once we step off the field its back to normal life.

    And lurker, i also loved Irvin's in your face first down gestures. Those were awesome.

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