Emmitt Smith - Run with History Video

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by DBoys, Feb 22, 2006.

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    Now that was truely awesome and inspiring. Play that to the voters next year and Smithis a first ballot HOFer. No doubt.
  3. theogt

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    I kinda teared up. I mean...uhh...cool stuff.
  4. JakeCamp12

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    Wow..I always tell people that I would take Emmitt over any running back they can name, with Sweetness being second/ That 8 minute clip only reinforces what I always thought....Emmitt was the most complete back in NFL history...
  5. lspain1

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    Simply awesome...what a special time that was. And what a special person we had as a Cowboy.
  6. Hostile

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    That's a keeper.

    I've said it many times and been in many arguments over it, I wouldn't want Barry Sanders because I saw what a real RB was supposed to be with Emmitt Smith.

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    I don't care what anyone says I teared up watching Smith runing in that Giants game. That showed everything you wanna see in a RB.
  9. 747

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    Emmitt has nothing to prove to anyone. He is, hands down, the best running back ever. He has the record and he has the rings. Anyone who says different has not been paying attention.
  10. Muhast

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    We as fans forget towards the end of the road just how special a player was typically...

    Not Emmitt Smith. While we may have said its his time, why does he remain? It just reiterates how talented he was. If Arizona wasnt absolutely HORRIBLE in Emmitt's last season, he most likely had 1000 yards rushing. The dude could play til he was 40 and people would always say, he's past his prime, he should call it quits... Yet come game time, you'd hope he had at least 20 carries, because you knew he was not just going down. He's a fighter.

    I worshipped Emmitt. And he was my role model growing up playing football. I picked #22 for 5 seasons in a row, due to Emmitt.
  11. DallasDomination

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    For 7 minutes that was a good video-I wish it was longer though:(
  12. Jarv

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  13. poke

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    my turn to feel like an idiot.....

    how can i save that to my computer ?
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    should be able to "right click " on the file name and "save as".

    I use Linux OS so all I had to to do was left click and it ask me if I wanted to Download or play. I Dont have Real player installed so I just saved.

    ...just found out you can play the file in Xine if you are using Linux.
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    What can I say? The man is simply the greatest.

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