Emmitt Smith says criticism of Cowboys' Tony Romo not fair: 'This kid is running for

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by MissouriCowboy, Feb 4, 2013.

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    Facebook is eating into my brain too much. I read posts like this and keep finding that I am looking for a LIKE button.

    Well said erod.
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    I think Dallas is in a pretty crappy situation with Romo, brought on by a disregard for the OL.

    He gets tattooed so often it's hard to blame the guy for getting a little antsy at times.

    I think they've put so much weight on his shoulders that when he isn't carrying the team, the team just sinks. Additionally, I don't think he's a guy who can carry an entire team week after week which isn't exactly a revelation because there really isn't a QB who can be counted on week-in and week-out for an entire season

    Essentially the Cowboys are:

    "Romo Enough" to be in any game against any team in the league.

    "Too Much Romo" to win on a consistent basis and "Too Much Romo" to where they could lose to any team in the league.

    It's basically all on him. If he's not on, the team isn't on and the running game has been so crappy for a few seasons now that there's never a game where he isn't absolutely relied on to get the job done.

    Last year in Arizona, Dallas trailed by 3 points for a bit between the 1st and 2nd quarter. They took a lead a few minutes before halftime and it wasn't until the first few minutes of the 4th quarter that the game was tied. The game was never out of hand, biggest deficit was 3 points. Dallas passed 42 times and ran 20 times. 15 of those runs came in the 1st half. For the entire 2nd half, with the lead or when tied, Dallas ran 5 times. Even with the lead or tied in a game against a weaker team, Dallas still relied on Tony. And this was a game where the OL gave up 5 sacks and was struggling to keep the pressure off Tony.
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    Thats it in a nutshell. Give the man one of the following; an OL, a running game or a defense and you can get to the playoffs.

    Give him two of those and you can challenge for the NFC title.

    Make him do it all himself and you'll roll the dice and be disappointed. Aikman would get killed (and did) behind this type line and with this team.
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    I have never seen so many excuses for an average QB who has not won anything.
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    Me either.

    Who we talkin' about?
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    I believe Tony did play a stretch similar to Flacco's last year, didn't he? Albeit, it wasn't in the post season, obviously, then then nobody else not named 'Montana' has ever had a postseason stretch like Flacco just had, either.
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    Eli had a good run last year. Not quite as good as Flacco's but worth noting.
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    He had a stretch in 2009 that was 4 games without an INT. Don't know about fumbles.

    Technically he had a stretch of 4 games last year but one of those games was the Philly game where he sat out after the early injury to his hand. The frontside of that stretch was the Arizona game in which the offense didn't really do anything.

    Flacco's playoff stretch is honestly one of the more impressive stretches I've seen. Even though I think there's luck involved in runs like that, I gotta hand it to him.

    In general, I agree with the sentiment that Romo turns it over too much to a certain extent. I think a lot of it is trying to do too much.

    I think if the team took some of the pressure off him you'd see those numbers go down. He has the ability to limit them, he did so in 2009 and 2011. He also just has a propensity to put up a bunch.

    I think Dallas needs to get serious about trying to get the OL in shape so they can find a running game and prevent further injury. I think the team has been fortunate thus far in that none of the injuries have been concussions because a guy who has all he could ever ask for in life might not be willing to risk it at some point.
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    I agree. The OL is the obvious area for improvement on offense this offseason. A veteran OT, a high pick on an interior player, and a blocking TE to replace Phillips in the rotation.
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    Brady(2nd champ)
    Troy Aikman(92-95)

    Romo showed you his true competitive character up there in Washington.

    At the moment of truth, he couldn't even complete sixty percent of his passes(something he did an just about every other game this season), how do you expect him to handle the pressure of the Deep Playoffs/Superbowl stage?He's incapable of handling big stages.He's the Vince Carter of the NFL:Exceptionally talented, but too flawed to take serious.And I say that as Vince Carter's biggest/only fan!
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    Romo had a really bad game in WAS. I think we all know that, don't we?

    None of those players you named, though, ever had a post season like Flacco just did when it comes to 11 TDs and 0 INTs. Montana's the only one who ever matched it, though he did it in fewer games.

    And, I know that's your schtick, saying things that aren't accurate, but, who's Werner?
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    You serious?
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    I'd rather see more 3 WR sets and actual solid FB play. I just don't care for the "blocking TE", at least not in the sense that we have seen in Dallas where that guy is essentially a 6th OL. Why try to hide it, just put one of your OTs out there and get even better blocking.

    I hope Hannah can develop because the entire point of having 2 TEs out there is that both can block or run routes on any given play, making the defense account for both. As Bennett was utilized, teams could basically count on him blocking. I think I looked a while back and he was credited for like 10 routes per game his last season. Odds are you could put old Keith Brooking on him and not even really have to sweat the consequences because he's only going out on passing patterns 2-3 times per quarter and is undoubtedly the 4th option at best.

    I think Dallas needs to focus on creating mismatches with that player and with the backs coming out of the backfield. Design plays specifically for them, even if they are of modest gain just to make the defense account for him. There was a Bronco's game earlier in the season where Peyton had the defense in the palm of his hand. I've referenced this game before but he literally got to the line, identified his matchup and immediately threw a quick screen to almost every receiving option on the field in the span of a single series. WRs, TEs, everyone was in on it. Just chunk after chunk after chunk.

    I'd like to see Dallas get more options involved. You get a couple of solid swing passes to the backs and defenses have to adjust or else they look like Dallas has for the last few years in that they constantly give up good yardage on these simple passing plays. Remember the Saints game where they basically threw it to their FB whenever they were close to the GL? I think he scored like 3 times that game.
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    I think we do both. Hannah is going to develop, and he deserves more looks in the passing game. I do think we replace Phillips' spot with at TE who can in-line block when we need him.

    We also need and should look for a change of pace back who catches well, and a WR who can stretch the defense if we're able to give Tony enough time to let it get stretched. That's do wonders for Dez and Miles on crossing routes, and for the TEs and for Murray out of the backfield.

    That Saints game is a great example. Their WRs demanded coverage and we just had nobody who could cover Sproles. That matchup alone ate our lunch for us.

    We've got a lot of tweaking to do offensively, but a lot of the parts (the QB, two big, fast WRs, the TEs) are already there. The player we need to add are either going to be available in the draft (OG, RB), or reasonable veteran FAs (OT, WR, TE). We've just got to avoid sinking a lot of picks into the defense as we switch over to the 4-3 under.
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    You should be the last person be talking about being serious. You suggested Kyle Orton would've went 10-6 with this team which is one of the stupidest things I've heard on here since I joined this board.
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    Please, don't no one here mention romo in the same breath as Flacco or kaepernick or the term Super Bowl.

    romo half to quit choking and win a playoff game before he can be mentioned with the big boys of the NFL.
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    Romo with a competent O-line is an unknown.

    If you are a math student, and generally numbers operate with no emotions, then you should not bet on Romo to go on a critical run (playoff/ SB)

    One and six in win or go home games. The math is irrefuteable.

    Romo isnt close to a Flacco right now.

    The terrible irony of it all is that by the time this O-line is special, Romo wil have retired and a new drafted QB with terrific skills will guide us to a SB.

    Then youll have that debate for the next 100 years about how Romo couldnt get it done, bla bla bla.

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    Of course he did.
    He extrememly capable of getting on a roll--even with a turnstile of a line.
    His 1st half of the season was disappointing this year though.
    But up until this year in the playoffs, Romo's limited playoff stats (as bad as they may seem) showed he had a better playoff QB rating and a better TD:int ratio than Flacco.
    Until this year, one could have very easily have said the EXACT same thing about Flacco as GD just said about Tony.
    These folks have no perspective whatsoever.

    Flacco was outstanding this year though. No denying it.
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    Right, it wasn't in the post season so how much does it really matter? It is clear as day that Romo freaks out when the pressure is high. Look no further than the Washington game which had a playoff attmosphere. He was playing fine up until that game and then bam... meltdown. It wasn't the Olines fault, the defense, the coaching, or the GM. Just Tony getting the butterflies.

    What is amazing about Flacco's stretch is it was against some extremely good teams and arguably the best defensive team in the superbowl.
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    Are you kidding me? The o-line, as usual, was pathetic against Washington, the defense gave up near 300 freakin' yards rushing and got beat by a quarterback who was playing on one leg. Our Ivy League coach refused to call any screen plays to off-set all the 6/7 man blitzes Washington was sending every 3rd down. Tony may have been having a bad game, but there is no way he's the sole reason we lost. Take off your hater glasses and see the whole picture man. Risen Star said it best in the other thread ... there is no quarterback in this league who can win with what Romo is given ... no one. A pathetic o-line, a stupid coach and a senile owner and GM. Your whole idea of thinking someone like Kaepernick or Wilson could win with us is foolish.

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