Emmitt Smith says criticism of Cowboys' Tony Romo not fair: 'This kid is running for

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by MissouriCowboy, Feb 4, 2013.

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    Flacco was awesome in these playoffs. Nobody outplayed him.

    But if Joe Flacco , for example, had QB'd the Dallas Cowboys this year, they end up with a worse record than 8-8. I feel very certain of that.
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    Yeah it could be that he is being nice. That's possible. I don't leave that out but I'll still take his opinion and word on the subject over yours or anyone else on these forums. It's not even a question.

    And, yes, I'd believe stuff Deion says in regards to the guy over anything anyone here says as well because his opinion simply holds far more weight given that he's worked for and with the man and knows him a lot better t han anyone on these forums.

    I'm sorry that you think people should just give you more credibility on the subject because you say so on a forum but that simply isn't the way it works.

    I have no doubt these guys don't tell everything they could, or to the extent that they could, but I'll give their opinion on the subject far more weight then that of some random fans who haven't the first clue how anything actually goes in the NFL, being as they've never been there.
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    What an ignorant statement.


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