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Erasmus James blurb...

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Oct 26, 2005.

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    Lifted this from a Cards' board... For those curious

    From a PFW chat on James.

    Ryan (WBL): Is Erasmus James the most disappointing first round pick so far? He can't move past 4th on the depth chart on an injury riddled d-line!

    Eric Edholm: (4:46 PM ET ) He's right up there. Let me read you---or type, I suppose---what a scout told us abotu James that we printed in this week's issue: "(He) has been so disappointing the Vikings had to switch to a three-man front because they couldn't count on him. He just stands there and watches. He doesn't compete. He's (Steelers 1991 first-round pick) Huey Richardson -- and all-world stiff." 'Nuff said.


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