Eric Moulds as our #1 WR?

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Natedawg44, Dec 7, 2005.

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    Bills coach Mike Mularkey denies that he has suspended receiver Eric Moulds.

    But something clearly is up.

    Mularkey acknowledged that Moulds has been excused from practice on Wednesday and Thursday. ESPN's Chris Mortensen reports that Moulds is expected to meet with Mularkey and owner Ralph Wilson on Thursday, and that Moulds will be on the inactive list for Sunday's game against New England.

    "It's crazy. It's a lot of chaos," running back Willis McGahee said. "You don't know what to expect right now at this point."

    Our guess is that someone with ability to, you know, read and comprehend English realized that the Terrell Owens arbitration ruling is not a blank check to suspend without pay any player who pisses off the head coach during a given game. The Owens suspension was upheld because of the unique nature of the situation; in Moulds' case, there's no reason to believe that he has been a chronic problem.

    Regardless of Moulds' immediate future, these events don't bode well for his long-term status with the team. His salary is set to quadruple in 2006, from $1.5 million to $6.08 million. In 2007, he's set to make $7.25 million.

    Then again, if there's a new G.M. and/or head coach in Buffalo come 2006, the attitude towards Moulds could change
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    uh please no
    thats a horrible idea
    we need to get younger
  3. wesleyc288

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    If the Moneys right, why not but something tells me hes looking for a FAT check
  4. Hiero

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    completely agree with the above. too old too much not gonna happen.
  5. Homerun Trot

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    no way, I wouldn't take him as a number 3, he's waaay overpaid, and overrated.
  6. DLCassidy

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    No thanks, we already have that player on the team- KJ.
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    Not to get off-topic with this thread...

    Alot of people on here(as well as Bills fans) have largely blamed Bledose for all their problems in his tenure there.

    Never have been a Drew fan myself, and all but acknowledge that he wore out his welcome there. However-the Bills have had MANY problems you can poke holes through the last few years.

    Tom Donohoe has made some awful personnel decisions. Alot of other players have exhibited attitudes similar to Mould's, and even TO's. And now the JP Losman pick, whom they gave up a goldmine for, has blown up in their face.

    Heh-it's always Drew's fault, eh?
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  9. CrazyCowboy

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    How about a YOUNG FAST TALL WR with a big heart!

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    Crazy Cowboy is making alot of sense. I would love a young, tall, strong, fast PLAYMAKER out of the DRAFT.

    The Youth Movement Baby!
  11. Jarv

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    How old is he, by the way ?
  12. Aikmaniac

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    Randall "Friggin'" Williams, baby!
  13. dguinta1

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    No thanks. could be another Pearless type situation. Falls short as the go to go on another team and I don' think Dallas needs to take the risk. We need OL and FB.
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    I don't know his exact age, but he's in his 10th NFL season.
  15. Dogstar

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    Moulds will play elsewhere next season

    Bob Matthews

    (December 8, 2005) — I understand why Buffalo Bills veteran Eric Moulds will be playing elsewhere next NFL season. He's still a very good player but no longer justifies being paid like a top-shelf wide receiver. The Bills prefer younger players to grow with quarterback J.P. Losman.

    I also understand if Moulds was miffed by what seemed like an extremely limited or non-existent role in the offensive game plan in Miami last Sunday.

    It was frustrating for all Buffalo fans to watch Sage Rosenfels and Chris Chambers play catch in Miami's fourth-quarter comeback while the most experienced Bills receiver was nowhere to be seen, for whatever reason.

    Bills coach Mike Mularkey reportedly wants to discipline and possibly suspend Moulds for conduct detrimental to the team.

    Unless owner Ralph Wilson Jr. already has decided to unload Mularkey and team president Tom Donohoe, he has no choice but to endorse any action against Moulds to preserve some semblance of order in the organization.

    Moulds has been a durable and reliable player for a decade in Buffalo despite a regime change in the front office (John Butler to Donahoe) and a parade of four head coaches, six offensive coordinators and eight starting quarterbacks. He might have had a Hall of Fame career under more stable circumstances. He certainly deserved better than to go out like this.

    Count me among those who will be rooting for Moulds with his next team. He might even have a chance to play in a Super Bowl. That wasn't going to happen with Buffalo anytime soon.
  16. Dogstar

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    How about T.O., Moulds, Glenn and Key?

    That's quite a group!
  17. parcellsguys

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    He's old. Why does every player that ever becomes available seem to be the answer for some fans? He isn't even a good blocker.

    Eric Moulds will end his career as a Buffalo Bill.

    The Cowboys will draft a top tier WR within the first three rounds of next seasons draft. If Keyshawn leaves then Patrick Crayton will be the big posession receiver on this team. Coach Parcells loves this kid.
  18. Dogstar

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    What's not to love a bout Crayton?

    But isn't Moulds only 33?
  19. Hiero

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    only 33? thats freakin ancient... I have zero interest in this guy.

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