News: ESPN: 10 offseason questions: Letting Callahan go

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by NewsBot, Feb 11, 2014.

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    The Dallas Cowboys have major decisions to handle regarding their franchise this offseason. Todd Archer and Calvin Watkins, along with some guests, answer some of biggest issues for the Cowboys this week. Should the Cowboys let Bill Callahan go? Calvin Watkins: Of course they should let him work elsewhere. Why let a man work for you when he doesn’t want to be here. The Cowboys demoted Callahan, taking away play-calling duties, and leaving him with a 'offensive coordinator' title when in reality they want him to remain the offensive line coach.

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    I can see why they didn't let him go, but I can also see why they should have....did they keep him for fear of his replacement or fear that he would be successful somewhere else?
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    Has anyone heard him say he didn't want to be in Dallas? He's got the same job he had before last season and the same title. Not sure it's a slap in the face when a team wants to keep you. It's not like they called him while he was on vacation and fired him over the phone.
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    I like Callahan...wondering why grand pa kiffin is still in town. You have to have a young coach with the players when they watch film. Last season I imagine kiffin napping and the entire secondary following suite

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