News: ESPN: Archer Chat recap: All about opportunity - 04/3/14

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    IRVING, Texas -- We had another spirited chat on Wednesday in which we touched on a number of subjects. One that I will delve further into here in a bit is why the Dallas Cowboys didn’t sign Kenny Britt or Hakeem Nicks, and why I don’t believe Chris Johnson will be coming here. But we also discussed: The Cowboys approach to free agency. The possibility of signing DeMarco Murray to an extension. If Anthony Barr is in play at No.

    Rich (New Jersey)

    Hi Todd - Has the Cowboys offseason transactions have Dallas rethinking about who they want in this years draft or do they still have specific needs and go after that player ?

    Todd Archer
    (12:01 PM)

    No, what I think they have done in free agency has filled some spots where they don't HAVE to grab a position in the draft. Don't get me wrong, they have a lot of needs remaining, but by signing the three defensive linemen they won't be in a position where they draft for need.That's a smart approach, IMO.

    Pete (MD)

    Time for the Cowboys to sign Spencer and D. Manning (ideally to 1-year deals).

    Todd Archer
    (12:03 PM)

    I don't think you'll see Danieal Manning here. He's going to be 32. They don't believe in signing a "progress stopper" right now. They believe they can find a guy over the summer if the spot requires it. They're rolling with their young guys right now. As for Spencer, I think he comes back and I think it's on a one-year deal. Nobody knows for sure when he will get on the field this summer, so he doesn't have a lot of leverage.

    shaun (tx)

    Who you got in the final 4?

    Todd Archer
    (12:04 PM)

    I had Michigan State, so that hurts. I think I'm going with Florida, but Wisconsin is playing really well. To me it's wide open.

    free (cali)

    How do the cowboys defend the skins now with the addition of jackson to go along with garcon, morris, and rg3

    Todd Archer
    (12:05 PM)

    Great question. You forgot Andre Roberts in that mix too. The Cowboys have done a decent job on Jackson, for the most part. Garcon has hurt them. Morris can kill the clock with the pounding style. But is RG3 going to be the quarterback he was as a rookie? Will new coach Jay Gruden have what it takes to keep it all together? I'm not sold on Gruden, honestly. I don't know if he'll ride Morris the way he should. He got away from the run way too much in Cincinnati.

    Todd Archer
    (12:06 PM)

    And I say that while not being a huge "you have to run the ball," guy. You have to do it some, but I'm not sure Gruden will do it enough.

    Andre (Atl)

    How is washington and Ny able to make big FA splashes and there cap situation is similar to the cowboys?

    Todd Archer
    (12:07 PM)

    They've chosen to make those big signings. The Cowboys haven't. The Cowboys could have signed anybody. All they had to do was keep doing business as usual by restructuring a ton of contracts and setting up the new deals in a way where they would be restructured in Year 2.

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    Archer Q&A... check it.
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    I am starting to hate this term.
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    yeah what progress has been stopped? You have to have some to begin with.
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    Exactly. Are there some great young safety prospects that will not reach their full potential this year? All I see is some small school , mid-round picks that the team is gambling on.
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    What's wrong with being from a small school? Plenty of NFL greats and good players have been from small schools, I have never understood this argument.
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    Nothing, other than it might take them a little more time to adjust.

    I don't not want Danieal Manning because he might be a progress stopper, anyway. I don't want him because he's old, and otherwise unremarkable. I was more interested in Decoud.
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    The small school issue should be almost irrelevant by a player's 2nd year.

    The 1st year is usually more difficult for a small school players because they probably didn't have top quality coaching and they didn't experience top level competition; however, by their 2nd year they've spent a year with NFL coaches and have experienced practicing and playing against NFL players.
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    It is nothing wrong with it. It is more if a risk due to the player facing a lower level of competition which makes them more if a gamble. That is the point, the safety position is filled with hopes and gambles.
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    Welcome to the new line of thinking at VR.
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    My favorite line from Archer............the Cowboys are a cash cow that won 3 SBs, however the money keeps flowing but the SBs have stopped................LOL
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    Made me smile. Good point. Hopefully, things will get better. I am really looking forward to this draft. Either my hopes will be well founded or our draft history will remain intact and I will go sit in a corner and suck my thumb.
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    It is our specialty
    We have perfected this technique and have 17 years of failures to prove it
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    Is it because you don't like the guys they want to see progress before they sign someone from the over the hill gang?
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    I love a good chat....this one was a lot of what you would expect to hear, but nevertheless, a good chat
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    I think the Cowboys were a 10-6 team last year, had it not been being decimated by injury at one position the final game wouldn't have mattered.

    Think about this for a second-Ealges lose Kendricks, Cox and Logan for a large part of the think they win the division last year? Now double that many players injured along the front seven and maybe you have the Cowboys.

    Things aren't so bad, they just have to figure out a way to keep there front seven relatively healthy and not suffer catastrophic injuries at other spots.
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    Sure. That was true for last year. But our D line at the moment fully healthy is probably worse than our injured D line was last year.

    Jeremy Mincey-Henry Melton-Terrell McClain-George Selvie
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    That's not what it will look like so try not to spin it that way please. Add Crawford and Bass to the mix and probably Spencer and it looks entirely different. Selvie, Crawford, Melton and Spencer at SDE doesn't so that bad. I realize Spencer is still not a done deal but I see that happening. And you haven't added one draftee, UDFA, or FA to the mix. Or Brent perhaps. I'm not jumping up and down with excitement but I'm not moaning and complaining either.
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    Doesn't matter what the dline looks like now. Dallas doesnt have to play a game this sunday. Wait till August to pass judgment. A lot can happen in the draft.

    At least were not overpaying guys. It would be hard to be as bad along the DLine as Dallas was last year. I think our depth will be improved.

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