News: ESPN Broaddus: Scout's Eye: Titans-Cowboys preview

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    Oct 8
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    By Bryan Broaddus

    When you study the Titans, there are two areas that really stand out on their offense. The first is running back Chris Johnson and the second is the offensive tackles, Michael Roos and David Stewart.

    When the Titans run the ball, they like to do it with stretch plays, counters and tosses. Johnson has a real feel for how to find the gaps and holes along the defense, then explode through them.

    The Cowboys should have an advantage with the matchup at nose when Jay Ratliff works against center Eugene Amano. Amano will struggle with Ratliff’s quickness and power. Ratliff puts a ton of pressure on the offense because of his ability to attack the pocket.

    The Titans have different players, but it’s still the same aggressive defensive that has always been a staple of Jeff Fisher teams. The Titans are an undersized along the defensive front, but they are very aggressive when it comes to rushing the passer. Wade Phillips calls it relentless and they do a nice job of playing the run on the way to rushing the passer.

    The Titans like to bring four-man pressure and they like to work games up front. You will also see twist stunts, corner and slot blitzes.

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  2. Idgit

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    Well, we handle twists and stunts well....
  3. jobberone

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    Well, we don't handle stunts and twists and such well, especially up the middle. TN will not be easy prey.
  4. Chuck 54

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    Run the ball...smash mouth, nothing tricky...push em off the line....3-4 yards a pop...bleed them slowly....then hit the big plays in the passing game.
  5. UnoDallas

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    let CJ have his hundred

    an let VY try and beat us with his arm

  6. Mash

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    I think Titans are thin at Cb....

    I would start the game with 3 WR's.....lone back in felix......spread them out.....

    We need to pound the ball but the titans are stout against the run I think......Felix does need to get the rock more but I dont think the titans can match up with our WR's.....

    On blitz...dictate the game...

  7. jterrell

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    this week is is important to score early.

    getting up by 10 points in the 1st quarter will put real pressure on a Titans offense that is awful from behind.

    by the same token the defense goes from average to great if you let them just attack you all day because you are constantly in long yardage situations.

    this is a game where we have the better players and need to play it straight and smart.

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