ESPN Chadiha: Redskin Camp Observations

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    Observation deck: Samuels would be big loss
    By Jeffri Chadiha
    Updated: August 3, 2007

    ASHBURN, Va. -- Four observations from Washington Redskins training camp, gleaned from the team's practices:

    1. Injury bug bites early
    The Redskins have to be nervous about the knee injury that has sidelined Pro Bowl left tackle Chris Samuels for a month. Last year, they watched running back Clinton Portis sustain a preseason shoulder injury, a setback that wrecked their hopes of jumping out to a good start.

    If Samuels is out longer than expected -- he sprained the medial collateral ligament in his right knee on Monday -- the Redskins would have major issues protecting the blind side of quarterback Jason Campbell. The backup options include veterans Todd Wade and Jason Fabini, and undrafted rookie Stephon Heyer, who actually practiced with the first team this week because injuries required a personnel shuffle along the line.

    The Redskins are also hoping the tendinitis in Portis's right knee doesn't become a bigger issue. He has missed practice time this week as well. As guard Randy Thomas said: "As long as I've been in this game, people have been getting hurt. You don't know the timing and you don't know what's going to happen every day. You have to prepare and try to get back. The guys behind you have to step it up."

    2. Spotlight on the defense

    It's no secret the Redskins need a better performance from their defense if they hope to return to the postseason. The unit ranked 31st in the NFL last season. The Redskins couldn't stop the run (opponents averaged 137.3 yards per game) or rush the passer (19 sacks overall). The defense simply couldn't provide much assistance for an offense that had plenty of problems.
    The Redskins hope their offseason additions will help solve the issues that plagued the unit last season. The return of cornerback Fred Smoot provides the secondary with another defender familiar with the schemes of defensive coordinator Gregg Williams.

    The addition of middle linebacker London Fletcher also gives the Redskins a reliable tackler at the heart of their defense. The defensive line still has some questions, as the group lacks a true difference maker, but there is at least some cause for optimism. "That side of the ball led us for the first two years I was back here," said head coach Joe Gibbs. "It feels like we're making strides to get back to that level."

    3. Landry looks good

    It is easy to understand why so many scouts rave about the potential of rookie safety LaRon Landry, who reported to camp on Tuesday after signing a five-year contract. He made an eye-catching interception while facing the first-team offense during Wednesday's morning practice.
    When quarterback Campbell tried to complete a corner pass into the end zone, Landry broke quickly on the play and snatched the pass just before it reached the fingers of wide receiver Brandon Lloyd. If that wasn't enough, Landry dragged his feet along the sideline and managed to stay inbounds on the play.

    The pairing of Landry and Pro Bowl free safety Sean Taylor should give opposing offenses fits for years to come. The key is how quickly Landry can acclimate himself to Williams' blitz-heavy schemes. That system puts a lot of pressure on the safeties to get people lined up correctly, but once Landry and Taylor familiarize themselves with each other, they should form an imposing tandem.

    4. Brunell will be big

    Campbell knows the presence of backup Mark Brunell will help his growth this season. Campbell spent the last two seasons watching how Brunell, a 15-year veteran, handled himself in the offense. Campbell realizes he will benefit from Brunell's wisdom, whether it is pointing out weaknesses in the defense or talking Campbell through a game-changing mistake. The assistance that a veteran backup provides can be essential to a young signal-caller.
    Campbell actually talked about this with Cleveland Browns quarterback Charlie Frye, when both men were on vacation in the Grand Cayman this offseason. "Charlie told me that it made a huge difference when he had Trent Dilfer backing him up (in 2005)," Campbell said. "But he had nobody there to learn from last season and it hurt him."

    Jeffri Chadiha is a senior writer for

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    I talked to a Skins fan who went to their camp and he said Campbell looks soft!

    He may be right!!!
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    Landry is going to be a heck of a player
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    Paging fireSquaw...paging fireSquaw...return to the forum, please! Urgent message awaits you.

    Hey, fireSquaw, how come all of your players are not practicing? Huh? You were quick to chastise some Cowboy players for not practicing, what do you say about this, huh?

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    Pretty much everyone so far is pencilling in the Skins to finish last in the division, with some competition from the Giants. They have too many holes even if they remain healthy, and that apparently ain't gonna happen either. So lotsaluck Skins fans! You'll need it...

    p.s. I tried to find a link to a construction company that sells those concrete highway dividers - maybe that's an option for you guys...?:lmao2:
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    It pains me to see him in a skins uniform
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    It pains me to see him in a skins uni as well, but that's a done deal now. I'm not convinced he'll become the player his potential indicates he could be until that organization does something to fix the defense...starting with the defensive line. We all know he can hit, but can the guy cover WR's, TE's, and RB's for the amount of time the oposing QB is going to have to locate a target? Doubtful. He's going to have some growing pains in Washington.

    I advise him to get out of there asap. ;)
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    Nah, that is not an option for them. They would just place them in the wrong spots anyway!


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