News: ESPN Chicago: Five things to watch for: Bears vs. Cowboys

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    By Michael C. Wright

    Red-zone performance

    Despite being tied for first in the NFL in total offense after amassing 463 yards in their season opener against Detroit, the Bears sputtered in the red zone. They went 0-for-4 from inside the Lions' 20, in addition to finishing 0-for-2 in goal-to-go situations.

    The rushing attack

    The Bears showed commitment to the ground game in the opener, handing the ball to running backs Matt Forte and Chester Taylor 17 and 9 times, respectively. One of the most effective ways to slow down Dallas' relentless pass rush is to mix in plenty of runs with the pass-heavy components of the offense.

    Communication between Jay Cutler and the receivers

    Communication between Cutler and his receivers continues to be an issues. Against the Lions, Cutler misread a coverage, and tossed an errant pass towards Johnny Knox -- who made the correct adjustment on the play -- early in the game.

    Cutler's protection

    Expect to see the running backs chipping off the edge more this week, because lining up tight ends next to left tackle Chris Williams failed to neutralize the Detroit pass rush in the opener.

    How the Bears defend Dallas' three-prong rushing attack
    Lance Briggs talked about the importance of the defense consistently filling its gaps to stop the Cowboys' trio of Marion Barber, Tashard Choice and Felix Jones.

    Read more detailed observations:
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    The last 4 will be the reasons the Bears lose, they won't even get in the red zone.
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    I'm not confident in our red zone offense either...the one that gets out of the funk will win the game.

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