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    [​IMG] Todd McShay: Thanks for all the questions in advance. It's been a crazy couple of weeks with free agency and Pro Day workouts. We've got an hour to "chat", so let's get after it...

    RK (motown): You see the lions drafting Michael Huff? Matt Millen seem to be very high on drafting Texas Longhorns players.

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: What's up, Motown? I think Huff is a good fit to the Lions at 9 -- assuming, of course, he's still available. The 49ers could snatch him up at 6, as could the Raiders at 7 or the Bills at 8. After running in the 4.3's at the combine, Huff is one of the hotest prospects in the class.

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: FYI, the Longhorn's Pro Day is tomorrow (Wed). It won't be a critical day for Huff, but QB Vince Young will certainly be on the spot.

    eddie: who does denver go after in first 2 rounds to fill gaps at WR, TE and DE ?

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: Eddie, I think the Broncos are in great shape to fill some of those holes with picks 22 and 29. In fact, as it stands right now, they are the only team with two first round selections. There are some rumors floating around that they will attempt to unload one or both of the picks in order to avoid having to pay two first round prospects this year. However, if they hold onto both of them I think they could finish the first round with a TE such as Georgia's Leonard Pope and a WR such as Miami's Sinorice Moss.

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: Another strong possibility with one of those two picks is Minnesota RB Laurence Maroney, who played in a similar zone-blocking scheme in college and would be a perfect fit in Denver.

    J.J. (Johnstown): Todd, My day is going down the tubes, tell me something nice about the Cowboys draft. Im ready to jump out my office window due to bordom.

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: That's no good, J.J. I would think Cowboy fans are fired up today b/c of the T.O. deal, right? I might be in the minority, but I think T.O. is going to thrive in Dallas under Parcells/Jones. Anyway, with T.O. on board, the Cowboys' top needs are OT, FS and ILB. With all three Day 1 picks still in tact, I think they could walk away from the first day with a trio such as USC OT Winston Justice (1st rd.), Maryland ILB D'Qwell Jackson (2nd rd.) and FSU FS Pat Watkins (3rd rd.). Cheer up, man.

    GH Cleveland: Todd, Same deal as J.J., but no Cowboys talk over here... how bout some good news about the Browns. Tell me they will go after a 1st year impact making linebacker??

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: Wow. Tuesday blues, huh? Browns fans should be another happy lot. The team has already addressed some major needs with the additions of OC LeCharles Bentley, OT Kevin Shaffer, WR Joe Jurevicius, NT Ted Washington and OLB Willie McGinest.

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: I do agree that the Browns could still use an upgrade at linebacker, but A.J. Hawk won't fall to 12 and selecting Ernie Sims or Chad Greenway at that point might be too high.

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: I think the Browns could either trade down in order to get extra picks and still get a quality LB later in the 1st. Or, they could draft a DL such as FSU's Brodrick Bunkley in the first round and use a second round pick on a LB such as Iowa's Abdul Hodge or Alabama's Demeco Ryans if he slips.

    Gilbert (Azusa, CA): Is it a forgone conclusion that the Chargers will take best available WR with their first pick?

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: Not necessarily. The Chargers would love for either Ohio State's Santonio Holmes or Florida's Chad Jackson to slip to them at pick No. 19. If not, don't expect them to reach for a WR like Miami's Sinorice Moss that early. I think they would regroup and take the best available DB at 19 (maybe OSU's Ashton Youboty?) and then get a better value at WR (ND's Maurice Stovall?) in the middle of the second round.

    Brian (Pittsburgh): What about Mario Williams? The teams in position to take him seem to have more pressing needs elsewhere--NO has 2 good DEs, TEN and NYJ will look at QBs, GB re-signed Kampman, SF would waste him in the far will he drop?

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: You make good points, Brian, but I still don't see Mario Williams falling out of the top-five. First off, if he's available at No. 5 the Packers will jump at the opportunity. Also remember that the Jets could deal DE John Abraham before the draft or on draft day. If they do, Williams could become their target at No. 4, especially if D'Brickashaw Ferguson goes to the Saints at No. 2 (assuming they get stuck and can't trade that pick).

    Jon (Palatka, FL): Are the Bucs going to chase down an offensive tackle with the 1st pick? And what about a safety?

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: I know the Bucs want to draft an OT high, but they're in a tough spot to do so with the 23rd pick. D. Ferguson and W. Justice will be gone, and drafting Auburn's Marcus McNeill would be a reach that early. Unless they can maneuver (and GM Bruce Allen is one of the best in that area), I think the Bucs are better off using the 23rd selection on a WR such as S. Moss or a DE such as Tamba Hali, and then go after a better value at OT in the second round, where they could find someone like LSU's Andrew Whitworth.

    Rafael (Philly): wazzup Todd? what do you the eagles are going to do now without T.O.? and are they going after a WR in the Draft?? Thank you, Rafael T.O. is over, is Philly done?

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: Philly is much better of without T.O. and Dallas is much better with him. Now, with that said, the Eagles have more needs to fill in this draft than they have in previous years.

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: WR is one of the Eagles' needs, but I don't think they'll spend pick No. 14 on one. I expect the Eagles to go after an OT such as W. Justice or even a power-back such as LenDale White with the 14th selection.

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: After that, the team can look to the second and third rounds to fill other voids at OT or RB (depending on 1st rd. pick), as well as WR, LB and DT. Adding FA's such as WR Jabar Gaffney, OLB Shawn Barber, DE Darren Howard, backup QB Jeff Garcia and backup TE Matt Schoebel have been wise decisions and have helped to take some of the pressure off the Eagles on draft weekend.

    Jay (Wayzata, Minnestota): Do you see the Vikings moving up in the draft to nab one of the "big 3" QB's?

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: They could move up a few spots if Young or Cutler begin to slip out of the top-10. Trading up to the Rams at 11 or the Browns at 12 would make sense, b/c the Ravens would likely snatch a QB at 13.

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: The Vikings obviously need to address the QB position, but I don't expect them to trade away the draft for a QB in the first round. New coach Brad Childress is a QB guru and he probably feels confident drafting someone like Alabama's Brodie Croyle, Bowling Green's Omar Jacobs or Oregon's Kellen Clemens in Rounds 2 or 3 and then developing them for a couple of years as backups behind Brad Johnson and once-promising prospect J.T. O'Sullivan.

    Phil (Cincy): What small college player no one has heard of do you see making an impact in the NFL?

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: I'll give you three names to watch for late on Day 1 or early on Day 2 -- all of which I believe can make an impact in the NFL as either eventual starters or as contributing role players:
    Cal-Poly DE/OLB Chris Cocong,
    Abiline Christian DC/DS Danieal Manning,
    Cornell OT/OG Kevin Boothe

    Nitro (SF, CA): Would the Raiders actually start a rookie at QB in 2006?

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: They're capable of anything. I think that Vince Young is a strong possibility to the Raiders at No. 7. If that's the case, he could be allowed to compete with M. Tuiasosopo and last year's third round pick, Andrew Walter, for the starting job. In the end, though, I think Tuiasosopo will be the opening day starter if the Raiders don't make a deal b/t now and then for a veteran.

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: If I were Al Davis (and I'm clearly not), I would use the pick on a different position of need -- such as DT (Haloti Ngata) or DB (Michael Huff). I would bring in another inexpensive veteran QB to compete with Tuiasosopo and continue to develop A. Walter as the future starter.

    Memphis, Tn: Every expert I've heard lately has Leinart going to the Titans. You think that is accurate? There's been some rumors in the local papers, that have the Titans trading down and getting more picks to fill more holes.

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: Almost every team at the top of the draft (every year) want to trade out. It's real simple -- if a team is drafting that high it means they have multiple needs to fill. The problem, though, is that very few teams actually want to package picks in order to move up -- hence the "buyers' market".

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: In today's NFL, with salary cap and free agency, rookies need to contribute more, which puts a premium on draft picks. The majority of teams that are successful are the ones that build their team via the draft and do a great job of finding versatile contributors in the middle rounds -- just look at the Patriots, Steelers, Seahawks, Jaguars, Panthers, etc.

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: So, to answer your question, I'm sure the Titans are looking for a good offer to move out of the No. 3 spot, but I'd be surprised if they find one they like. I expect them to stick at No. 3 and draft Leinart if he's available. If he's gone, D. Ferguson makes the most sense.

    MFS(LA): How bout a Giants question, is there anyone they can get in the draft who will play this coming season?

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: The Giants are another team that has done a good job of filling needs via free agency, including the additions of DC's Sam Madison and R.W. McQuarters, and DS Will Demps. They still need upgrades at OLB and WR, though. Look for the Giants to take a LB such as Iowa's Chad Greenway at pick No. 25 and then go after a No. 3 WR in the second round, where Michigan's Jason Avant and/or ASU's Derek Hagan could be available.

    chris (lynchburg, va): Will the Panthers take a TE in the 1st round?

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: It's definately an option b/c they need an upgrade at the TE position. However, I just don't see it happening. I think the Panthers understand the draft well and know that they can get a quality future starter in the second round (pick No. 58 overall) in someone like ND's Anthony Fasano. They also don't put a huge premium on the TE position, which is why I think they're more likely to go after a SS/OLB or WR in the first round. If they land an OLB such as Alabama's Demeco Ryans in the first round, they will keep Thomas Davis at SS. If they land a DS such as Ko Simpson, Darnell Bing or Donte Whitner, then Davis will move to WLB.

    Christopher (Phoenix): Are the Bengals looking D-line in round 1?

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: The Bengals have done a great job of drafting since 2001 -- and even better since 2003 under Marvin Lewis. They have proven that they won't get caught reaching for a position of need, but I do think they are targetting the best available player at DT, TE or DE with the 24th pick. Michigan's Gabe Watson might be a reach that high b/c of his inconsistent motor, but he also has great talent and could flourish under Lewis. Watson has the type of size that the middle of the Bengals' defense needs.

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: Other possibilities with the 24th pick include PSU DE Tamba Hali and Georgia TE Leonard Pope. One trend to keep an eye on is they're trust in their midwest and southeast scouts -- they love Big 10 and SEC players, especially Georgia.

    jeff (boston): with all the QB shuffling and recent signings (the edge, the ravens signing 2 RB's, etc.) could Lendale possibly fall to the Steelers??

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: No chance, Jeff. Even if LenDale White does not impress at USC's April 2 Pro Day, I still see him coming off the board in the top-25 picks. He could go as early as 14 to the Eagles and he likely will not slip past the Patriots at 21.

    Todd (Cleveland): The Browns got a good value in the 3rd round with Charlie Frye last year, who is this years best rd 3 value?

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: At the QB position, I think a third round steal could be a guy from your neighborhood -- Bowling Green's Omar Jacobs. He had a poor season in 2005, mostly because he played with a non-throwing shoulder injury. But his production in 2004 was off the charts and he has the size, accuracy and mobility to possibly even push for a starting job in the NFL a few years down the road.

    Ed (Milford, MA): Who of the high profile draftees has excellent head-case potential?

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: I'll go with Virginia Tech DB Jimmy Williams for that award. When you consider that Williams and Marcus Vick were on the same team, it's a wonder that coach Frank Beamer still has hair on his head!

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: Wow, that was a fast hour. Thanks again for all the questions -- we almost hit the 2,000 plateau this week. Keep 'em coming next Tuesday (same time). By then we'll have the Texas workouts done and more FA movement, so plenty more to talk about. Enjoy the rest of the week and be well.
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    I love the Justice and Watkins picks, but he needs to understand we have an ILB and that guy is too small. I'd go with Wimbley or Anderson there in the 2nd.

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