News: ESPN: Cowboys Losers in Day 1

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Tass, Apr 25, 2004.

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    Dallas Cowboys: What, does Jerry Jones think that Bill Parcells is worrying about the 2005 team? Apparently, he does. He traded for Drew Henson, his quarterback of the future. He gave away the chance to take Steven Jackson by trading back for the gain of a 2005 first-rounder. Joe Gibbs is working on a two-year plan in Washington. This is Year 2 for Parcells. Julius Jones better be as good as Jackson or Year 3 might not be in Parcells' plans.
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    Today i sat there salivating thinking to myself we have the pick of the RB crop at our fingertips and i just couldnt believe when the trade was announced. It was like a total gut shot when you least expect it. I am just praying all this works out in the end...especially the 2 picks in the first round for next year.
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    Don't believe nothing from espn... they're all about sexy picks and that's it. I bet they have Taylor and that TE (from the skins) as a better draft over us.
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    We were all salivating, dude. No matter what the Kool-Aid drinkers say NOW, at the time in the chatroom we were all LIVID when the trade was announced. Most board members are now trying to be cool and say 'Bill knows what he's doing'...but they were pissed. I still am.
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    Who cares ... they're going to be the first ones giving us the the A+ next year when we control the draft.
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    So do not put everyone in that group I love the idea of having 2 1st rounders next year
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    Why is it that Bill Parcells gets credit for the good DP's, like last years. But all of a sudden it is Jerry Jones, who traded away one of Bill Parcell's 1st round DP's without his knowledge?? Does anyone HONESTLY think that Jones we would have traded the #1 DP, if Parcells wanted Jackson. And thought that he was a "FRANCHISE" RB??
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    Absolutely, I think a lot of fans are trying to rationalize the Julius Jones selection. I failed to see anything about Julius Jones on this site prior to the draft today. But to be fair to those who think our draft was successfull, I do like the first round pick we got from Buffallo. What I don't understand is why we didn't trade one of our second round picks to move up to the late first round so we could draft Kevin Jones? That's what bothered me. And if Julius Jones doesn't develop into a solid runningback, we just set our franchise back again as we desperately seek to build a running game.
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    ESPN obviously didn't hear Parcells' comments today.
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    I thought the dallas had a subpar draft. It had nothing to due with the trade.
    I know people thought jackson was a franchise back, but he's not.
    Where he was drafted is proof of the that.

    What bothered me was that all of the cowboys first day picks appeared to be drafted based on need. and thats not good.

    Teams that draft on need always seem to run into trouble.
    It's be discussed on herer a 1000 times. DON"T draft for need.


  11. SMCowboy

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    JAC, we got the best of both worlds. We were able to get players of need, that were also among the best players at their positions. According to Frank Coyle, who BTW, has ended up with the best analyst of players that I have seen from anyone the last few years. This is what he had for our DP's.

    Julius Jones - 5th best RB avaible (basically the 1 pick he didn't think was great value, but did see him going in the late second round).
    Jacob Rogers - late first, early second round. The 3rd best OT avaible.
    Stephen Peterman - 2nd best OG avaible behind Carey, said he would probally go 3rd round and be one of the great values of the draft there.
  12. SMCowboy

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    There were actually several people talking about wanting Jones in round 2, if we could not get Jackson or Kevin Jones. And their would have been more talk about J. Jones, had their not been such a strong chance that atleast one of Jackson or Kevin Jones be avaible at #22. And noone expected us to be a future 1st rounder PLUS a 2nd rounded this year for the #22 pick.

    Sure, I would have LOVED to get either Jackson or Jones. I think both will develope into excellent players in the NFL. But you give me the choice between Buffalo's #1 next year and Julius Jones, or Stephen Jackson or Kevin Jones. I will take the J. Jones and the #1 next year EVERY time.
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    On Jones - I think his value changed once denver drafted bell at 41. jones was basically the last RB worth a 1st day selection(I did not want G. jones)
    and he was the BPA left at a need. I think we had to draft him.

    rogers bothers me as I thought other picks there were good value, mainly a dt or cb. and he was the 3rd best OT in a down year for tackles. I think in a good year he might have been a later pick. This, IMO, was abig time need pick.

    Peterman - was ok. I think most people had Smiley as the 2nd best G in the draft. I thought ware was the BPA at that spot and that G was a need pick.

    This is all my opinion, so it really means nothing but how I view the picks in the draft.

    only time will tell if parcells was right or not.

  14. SMCowboy

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    Forgive me for putting more faith in Frank Coyle, who BTW, was a former pro scout, and has people in the NFL that still greatly respect his opinion on prospects over your opinion.
  15. cowboy4life

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    While it is true that Dallas drafted for need today, they also showed some similiarites to their draft philosophy. Dallas almost always drafts an offensive lineman in the second round. You can almost set your watch by it. Flozell Adams, Solomon Page, Larry Allen, Al Johnson, and now Jacob Rogers. Despite what you may think about them, you have nine Pro Bowls between Adams and Allen. Page was a solid starter until he turned into a turd and Johnson gets an incomplete due to injury.

    Rogers was the 3rd rated tackle on a lot of the national publications, including the Sporting News. I would give them a B- on this pick. Steven Peterman was a rock solid starter for LSU at left and right guard. I would not count him out as a starter at RG. Probably a round higher than maybe he deserved to be, but his senior season was very good. Considering the many running backs they used up until Justin Vincent emerged, LSU's offensive line took over many games last season.

    Two solid offensive lineman. Now I wish they would have chosen Jackson or Kevin Jones, but they were not can't miss prospects. Jackson's knee had to have scared Dallas off a little, otherwise they would not have touched that trade. I think they got a little cute with it as well. I believe they thought they would have had a pick of the litter in the second round. I really hadn't seen Julius Jones play much last year, but I think it is better to have a runner with not as much wear on the tires. But Steven Jackson would have been a strong addition to this team.
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    No doubt about it. You'd have to be crazy not to.
  17. jac9k

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    I didn't know I was trying to get you to believe in my opinions.

    I have my own opinion on how the draft went. It might not be the same as
    Coyles, kipers or parcells. But its mine. and I don't get paid for it.

    What I really want to know is how my fellow cowboy fans felt while watching the draft?
    Did those picks feel like need picks or part of the Grand Master Plan?
    could they have been better? maybe a different direction?

    those are the opinions I'm interested in.

    not some so-called draft guru peddling opinions to pay the bills.

  18. SkinsandTerps

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    As a Skins Fan, I almost hit the floor when the Boys and Eagles passed on Jackson and Jones. I think most Skins fans (probably Boys Fans too) had at least one of those guys headed you way.

    JJ is a solid RB and was rated as like the 5th prospect (rb) coming out this year. Jackson and Jones were better and maybe Perry. But the kid should be able to produce. Anything has to be better than Hambrick right ?
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    I am glad to see someone who looks down the road like me. And is able to see that we will control the draft next year.
  20. DaBoyz73

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    No doubt, but I think that are fans look at the "sexy" pick. Bill stated that are draft would not be "sexy".

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