News: ESPN: Cowboys Losers in Day 1

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Tass, Apr 25, 2004.

  1. jamez25

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    I agree whole heartily.
  2. Jack Kehoe

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    And what if we would have jumped back into the 1st and taken Kevin Jones and HE didn't develop into a solid back?
  3. Bill the Butcher

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    More espn bullschit thats all. We did well today.
  4. Madzo

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    They should grade a team draft after 3 or 4 years have passed. Because you can look "sexy" but can turn out to be a Ryan Leaf, Blair Thomas, Jeff George, or you can be a Tom Brady, Clinton Portis who were chosen in the later rounds. If the cowboys get an F- for this years draft, don't go into depression mode, it don't mean Sh**
  5. Tio

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    Im not going to lie, I would rather have steven jackson wearing a star right now, but next year, pending on our offense that year, i will probably love the trade. Julius is a good visioned elusive back and most of, if not all, of his weaknesses can be fixed through experience. If we hit on this guy, watch out!
  6. Nightshade

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    I was really angry. But I'm starting to change my mind a little and let some patience ease on back into my mind. Also we did have a couple of guys in here that talked up Julius Jones over every other back in the draft every chance they had. The fact that he has no injury history is encouraging and he's got the speed and decent vision. W'ell see.

    The pick I'm a little worried about is Rogers. He's had a lot of injuries.
  7. haasbro

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    So, John Clayton is a better evaluator of talent than Bill Parcells?
  8. Chago

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    I don't care what ESPN thinks. They're not part of the franchise or team. We do what's best for the Cowboys (not ESPN).
  9. DakotaFan

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    I dont think Jackson was ever the pick at 22. The Boys just didnt see a big spread between him and the backs available later.

    I think they were hoping for S. Andrews or V. Wilfork. to slide to them.

    I do wonder who would have been taken if the Bills hadn't offered a #1?
  10. Chuck 54

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    The reason everyone was disappointed when we traded down instead of taking Jackson is because we're all Kool-Aide drinkers...but we aren't drinking Parcells' brand...we all drink what the media, Ourlads, and Kiper tell us about players. Think about it...I love kiper and I love his publication because it's fun and it gives me something to do and makes me feel like I know a little more about what's out there.

    However, the bottom line is Ourlads, Kiper, the Sporting News, etc. aren't on any NFL team's payroll...does that tell you something? If they were really experts, some team would simply pay them to conduct their draft.

    We drank the koolaide that convinced us Steven Jackson was the best back for the Dallas Cowboys simply because he was rated highest in these publications. Parcells apparently told Julius Jones a week ago that if he was there in round 2, we'd take him. Clearly, Parcells was hoping to take a player at some other position and hope Jones was there at number 52...when that player or players wasn't there, we traded down and picked JOnes earlier, assuring we got the man we wanted.

    I don't think Parcells was ever even considering drafting Jackson if he could help it. Look at the other NFL teams: Philly was supposed to be in love with Jackson, so when they gave up their 2nd to move all the way up from 28 to 15, we all assumed, along with the media, that it was for Jackson...surprise, they didn't value him over a fat OT that they're going to move to OG.

    If anyone wanted Jackson or JOnes, don't you think they'd have offerred to trade with us? And if we wanted Jones, don't you think we'd have traded with a team that wanted Jackson, stay up higher and still take Jones?

    Face it: Parcells didn't like Jackson or JOnes and was posturing and hoping other teams would draft them ahead of us, letting a DE or OL, or top CB drop in our laps...didn't happen. There was no one there to draft at that spot for us except Jackson/Jones, and we didn't really want them.

    So yes, we were all disappointed...the media played us and ESPN did a great job of playing us while we were on the 15 minute clock. When our card wasn't up there within 5 minutes, we should have all smiled and nodded, knowing Parcells never really wanted to draft either of those backs and was working a way out of it.

    We're very lucky Buffalo wanted the QB...we may have had no one interested in trading...who knows?

    I'm not drinking Parcells' koolaide...I've caught much flak and negativity from people in the past week because I questioned what he was doing. But I like what we've done, and I'm simply accepting that in his judgment, Julius jOnes, whether it's his moves, elusiveness, or what, was his number 1 choice of RB in this draft.
  11. guag

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    I think the success of this draft definitely hinges on the performance of Julius Jones this year. Because if he doesn't do well at all (RBs should be able to contribute right away) then we might have to use the pick acquired from Buffalo next year on a RB again anyway, when we could have had Steven Jackson THIS year. But, no one really knows who is going to be the cream of the crop in this year's RB class until the end of next season... could be J. Jones after all, could be Jackson, or whoever. So we'll just have to wait and see. I do like the 2 OL picks though, so that's definitely a plus.
  12. Chuck 54

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    exactly...I was getting excited when the two DE's were still on the
  13. Phrozen Phil

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    You nailed it there. We got an upgarde and got additional picks. This was about the future and the present, knowing we will still need to make improvements next year.
  14. DezBRomo9

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    Sure, I was ticked too, but still I was thinking Jackson or KJ would come in and be a gamebreaker but still sexy picks arent really what we need. Next year with our late 1st rounder and the Bills top 15 pick I see a WR and maybe a CB. This shows how much BP is investing in the Cowboys. Plus we still could pick up someone like WIll Poole earlier in the 4th and not really have much of a need for a starter. We did what I was hoping we would do-Pick up a RB that fits our system well, Pick up at least 1 starting Olineman and Not bank on signing a June 1st cut.
  15. Klemster

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    I was thrilled with the trade. I am not saying that KJ and SJ may not develop into great backs in the NFL, I just thought the most prudent move to make would be to move down and get additional picks because of the multitude of need areas on ourteam. JJ will be an upgrade over Tham (almost anybody would be) but unless Barry Sanders is the running back, they all need blocking. If our OL Draft picks can contribute and hopefully start, then I believe that we have had one of the best first days of the draft.
  16. LeonDixson

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    Tass, that is not true. You are right that most everyone was salivating about the chance to draft Jackson. Myself included. But after the trade was announced myself and several other posters said we got a good deal and tried to calm others down by asking them to wait and see what happens later in the draft. Not EVERYONE was pissed. It's just that some of you were so livid you couldn't comprehend what a few of us were saying.

    Personally, I think BP and JJ followed their draft board. Maybe Dale can shed some light on it after today. But I believe that they were either going to trade down if a trading partner was available right from the start. Maybe they take Wilfork if he's available, but not a RB.

    Wayne Motley was predicting for the last two weeks that we would not take a RB in the 1st round. He supported his argument very well. Looks like he was right.
  17. ravidubey

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    The elite running backs in this draft do not measure up with the elite of most other drafts. Do you want the franchise to invest #1 draft choice money in a player marginally better than picks that could be had in later rounds? Jones is going to fit our team as THam and Richie complement him while Jackson is a total replacement for THam and is not a breakaway threat. He reminds me of a poor man's Ricky Williams. Is he a better prospect than Julius Jones, yes. Is he better than Jones, a 1st and a 5th? No way.
  18. big dog cowboy

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    Blah, blah, and blah. Screw ESPN. If it isn't that sexy pick of somebody scoring a ton of TD's the are critical. They don't understand or even try to see our line of thinking or what we are trying to get done. We got the guy we wanted and an additional 1st rounder next year. Speaking of next year, I'll bet ESPN is all over that come next April.
  19. Xavier23

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    Dallas was afraid of Stephen Jacksons knee being banged up. Buffalo picked Willis Maghee with the 23rd pick last year with the serious injury he had to his knee. And if he would of rehabed and went into this years draft he would still be head and shoulders over all the prospects this year. Stephen Jackson just takes to much punishment. He reminds me of a young Eddie George, with his size and vision. Good for 4 to 5 years then you have to go get another young back to replace him with.

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