News: ESPN: Cowboys not in Asomugha sweepstakes

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by CCBoy, Jul 28, 2011.

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    Cowboys not in Asomugha sweepstakes
    July, 27, 2011
    By Todd Archer

    ...The Cowboys' preferences as they enter the free-agent market are to find help at defensive end, safety and offensive line. They accomplished one goal Tuesday when they agreed to a deal with left tackle Doug Free and have had talks with left guard Kyle Kosier.

    The safety market might get pricey after San Diego kept Eric Weddle with a five-year, $40 million deal with $19 million guaranteed, however, the Cowboys will attempt to remain as patient as possible. Along the line, the team has had dialogue with Stephen Bowen and Marcus Spears, as well as a handful of free agents from other teams.
  2. realtick

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    At this point, I hope we resign Bowen, Spears and pick up Abram Elam. If Sensabaugh decides to bounce, it could get ugly.
  3. DanteEXT

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    Betting that Marcus Spears part is gonna get some people here all bent out of shape.
  4. rocyaice

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    First time I've heard about Bowen and Spears being in talks with the team. I hate not going after Asomugha but I LOVE that we atleast want those guys back.
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    As is often the case, Realtick, I agree with your assessment. I don't have a problem agreeing on Bowen and Spears.

    It is clear that Sensabaugh will get an increase in last year's pretty slimed down contract. The question is how much. Your combo of Elam and Sensabaugh could be the tag team called into the ring for this season.

    There are still some pretty solid safeties in the ring now, and things will start to settle towards a lower side as well.
  6. casmith07

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    I really hope we can keep Bowen and Spears.

    If Weddle got $40M over 5 years, I think we could give Huff less than that considering the body of work. Abram Elam will come at an even cheaper price.

    I kind of look at Elam a little like Ken Hamlin...he's probably not going to wow you with Ed Reed style INTs and such, but he's not going to let people get deep, and he tackles.
  7. ThreeSportStar80

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    Please keep Spears and Bowen! They need to dump Igor's sorry you know what....
  8. Bowdown27

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    I may me the in the minority but I don't want spears. He was a top 20 pick and he has not produced anywhere near that. I don't think hr deserves the money and we cab get someone better. I prefer Cullen but that's me
  9. noshame

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    I think Bowen may blow up this year, I like our front seven. A DB and another OL would fill my basket.:D
  10. dboy214

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    never understood the fascination w/ Bowen.

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