News: ESPN: Cowboys shrug at Pierre-Paul's comments

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by NewsBot, Nov 18, 2013.

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    IRVING, Texas -- The Dallas Cowboys responded to New York Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul's potential bulletin-board comments with a collective shrug. Pierre-Paul’s colorful vow to “put it on” the Cowboys with a “lot of blood spilled” Sunday afternoon didn’t seem to raise any eyebrows at Valley Ranch. “He’s supposed to feel that way,” Dallas receiver Dez Bryant said. “You’re an opponent.

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  2. links18

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    We should resign Crayton for this game. We need a good trash talker. There isn't one on the roster right now.
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  3. Frozen700

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    Great, they have finally got to Dez.

    We are doomed
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    Who cares? Talking trash or being humble doesn't mean squat when it's all said and done.

    Just go out there and kick their teeth in. Conversation over and done with.
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    I mean...would it have been to risque for him to say "bring it". This is football....not CHECKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Idgit

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    Crayton's comments always went over well with our fans, if I recall correctly.
  8. WoodysGirl

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    Yes, I believe you're right. I remember folks always LOVED when Crayton expressed himself to the media. :cool:
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    I'd be happy with a 1 point win. But kicking their teeth in would work also.
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    I did. I miss Crayton. Garrett has sapped all of the swagger and bravado out of this locker room.
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  11. WoodysGirl

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    You weren't around here during that time, but folks hated everything that came out of Crayton's mouth. Especially after the playoff game, backdoored by the TO fiasco.

    It's not even about bravado, it's about folks being hypocritical. For all the talk of wanting someone with Dez's passion, they want mutes when it comes to dealing with the media.
  12. Frozen700

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    Well I was here...

    And not everyone hated everything out of Crayton's mouth. it was most of the time the usual suspects, and a few more added to the list after that drop in the playoffs, which is well deserved.
  13. Zordon

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    I just like players who talk off the cusp. I guess that's why deep deep deep down, I sort of like Jerry. I don't believe the leaders on our team who speak out and say these cookie cutter quotes like "im shaking right now to play the giants". stop it, we don't believe you demarcus.
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  14. CooterBrown

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    I am so down on this season already, I think the reason the players aren't responding is because they are afraid he might be right.
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  15. CowboysYanksLakers

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    No need to talk.... Just go out there and smash them right in the damn mouth!
  16. Bleu Star

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  17. Sarge

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    No need to respond to this trash talking - we will just go out on the field this Sunday and ........... well...........look average and...........well............hopefully by playing average football we beat an average team.

    Same ol' same ol'.

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    I think the players are just disconnected from the comments.

    Teams have figured out the mentality.of this team.

    They are now always trying to get the Cowboys and players to respond to distracting non-football stuff like the Megatron vs. Bryant comparisions that went right up to game time..and look what he did to us..?

    Against the was about Rob Ryan's revenge game.

    Against Denver it was about not running the ball..

  19. tantrix1969

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    he's been assimilated
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  20. cowboyblue22

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    personally I thinkthis team needs to do a lot less talking and a lot more walking show me something dang show me you got something

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