Recap: ESPN Dallas: Camp chat: Live from the Alamodome XV Recap

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    Calvin Watkins ESPNDallas: Abe Elam has taken the field for the first time in training camp. He's wearing No. 24.

    Calvin Watkins ESPNDallas: Andre Gurode, all 334 pounds of him, playfully knocked down Orlando Scandrick.

    toddarcher: Every OL is accounted for so far except Montrae Holland. Tight lower back knocked him out of walkthru. Not considered serious. [via

    espn_macmahon: Seventh-round pick Bill Nagy is working with the starters at right guard. Montrae Holland (back) isn't practicing

    Tim MacMahon (ESPNDallas): Team drills about to starter. ... It's the starters, ball on minus-40.

    Tim MacMahon (ESPNDallas): D comes out in traditional 1-3-7 look. ... Romo hits Ogletree on underneath crossing route. ... Assume this is late-game/half situation simulation

    Tim MacMahon (ESPNDallas): Romo checkdown to Felix is incomplete. ...Bradie James is lined up 15 yards off of Ball.

    Tim MacMahon (ESPNDallas): Checkdown to Felix. ...

    Tim MacMahon (ESPNDallas): Strangest prevent D I've ever seen. Ratliff and James are closest defenders to ball, and they were 15 yards back ... Offense ran hook-and-lateral and think went into Cal vs. Stanford mode. ... Play blown dead when Romo got the ball, which is too bad because entertainment had just begun

    Tim MacMahon (ESPNDallas): Kitna to Martellus on seam route for 30 yards vs. second D. Bennett got open between Church and AOA.

    Tim MacMahon (ESPNDallas): Kitna out to Jesse Holley for 15 yards in front of Abe Elam.

    Tim MacMahon (ESPNDallas): Ball broke up Hail Mary to Bennett in the end zone.

    Tim MacMahon (ESPNDallas): 1-on-1s and inside run.

    Tim MacMahon (ESPNDallas): Scandrick got his helmet knocked off on the jam and still broke a deep ball to Ogletree ... Austin should have scored on back-shoulder deep ball from McGee. Ball never saw the ball

    toddarcher: Even after losing helmet Orlando Scandrick makes play on deep ball to Kevin Ogletree.

    Tim MacMahon (ESPNDallas): Pretty fade from McGee to Dez for 6 over McCann. ... Crowd gets excited about Miller turning the corner, but there aren't any cornerbacks over ther.

    Tim MacMahon (ESPNDallas): Lee shoots the gap and drops Miller. ... Radway stumbles out of break and can't hang on to out ...

    BryanBroaddus: With Free and Smith on the edge, Phillips and Witten too, offense will do a much better job of getting ball outside and down hill. Athletes.

    Tim MacMahon (ESPNDallas): Nice cut by Miller to get upfield, inside of Albright. ... Witten jukes Elam but fails to make one-hand catch. ... Leong turns around Butler and gets wide open on slant.

    toddarcher: Nice lead block by Shaun Chapas on Phillip Tanner run. Kept his feet moving on Kenwin Cummings.

    Tim MacMahon (ESPNDallas): Ogletree makes a sweet catch on a deep ball vs. Scandrick. Controls it with his right hand on ball thrown behind him and pulls it in. ... Holley goes over Sensabaugh for 6 on a fade. ... Austin gets wide open on crossing route vs. Ball.

    BryanBroaddus: Coleman is stout at the point, If Young doesn't play lower he is going to get stuffed all day. Upper body strength for Coleman impressive.

    Tim MacMahon (ESPNDallas): Johnson gets good separation on crossing route vs. Weaver. ... Warren runs outside on inside run drill.

    Tim MacMahon (ESPNDallas): Goal-to-go in 1-on-1s ... Dez catches hook in front of Randle. ... Romo fade is too far for Cleveland to get it.

    Tim MacMahon (ESPNDallas): Romo can't connect with Bennett on back-shoulder fade. ... Miles makes move that causes Thomas to fall down, easy TD on crossing route.

    Tim MacMahon (ESPNDallas): Another Romo-to-Dez hook, short of the end zone. ... Team drills again.

    BryanBroaddus: Just noticed Orie Lemon in this inside drill, nice job of reading the block, shedding the guard and filling the hole square and with power.

    Tim MacMahon (ESPNDallas): Romo throws wheel route to Bennett, but Bennett doesn't look until too late.

    Tim MacMahon (ESPNDallas): Romo out to Holley in front of Ball. Spears got good pressure, but Romo stepped up in pocket.

    Tim MacMahon (ESPNDallas): Pressure blows up screen to Felix.

    Tim MacMahon (ESPNDallas): Ratliff gets outside the hash marks to stop Miller in the backfield.

    toddarcher: I have a feeling we are going to say Look at where Jay Ratliff us lined up a lot this year.

    Tim MacMahon (ESPNDallas): Razzle-dazzle doesn't look good. Bryant/Austin handoff on reverse is botched. Chapas recovers for 15-yard loss.

    Tim MacMahon (ESPNDallas): Romo scrambles and throws short to Holley on the sideline. Holley drops it.

    Tim MacMahon (ESPNDallas): Brent meets Tanner as soon as he gets the handoff.

    BryanBroaddus: When Ratliff is on the move laterally down the line, he is almost impossible for the backside guard to cut him off. [

    Tim MacMahon (ESPNDallas): Cleveland can't catch deep crossing route thrown a little behind him by Kitna, who had Brent in his face.

    Tim MacMahon (ESPNDallas): Kitna rolls right and throws to Phillips for a short gain.

    Tim MacMahon (ESPNDallas): Backup O-line is stinking it up. Two defenders get to Kitna before handoff. Orie Lemon was one of them.

    Tim MacMahon (ESPNDallas): Poots adds to stink by dropping a screen.

    Tim MacMahon (ESPNDallas): Butler would have had sack. ... Water break.

    Tim MacMahon (ESPNDallas): More team drills.

    Tim MacMahon (ESPNDallas): Actually 7-on-7 and pass-rush drills.

    Tim MacMahon (ESPNDallas): Ratliff chops Smith's hands down and bursts by him from DE position. ... Romo to Witten on quick out.

    Tim MacMahon (ESPNDallas): Smith handles Coleman bull rush. ... Phillips has to hold when Albright makes inside move.

    [​IMG]Tim MacMahon (ESPNDallas):
    Phillips has no problem with Albright next rep. ... Spears gets push on bull rush vs. Arkin. ... Romo hits Witten in middle of field underneath James. ... Spears spins past Arkin.

    Tim MacMahon (ESPNDallas): Igor can't shed Costa. ... Igor gets push next rep. ... Romo throws behind Cleveland. If it was on target, Scandrick might have had pick.

    Tim MacMahon (ESPNDallas): Romo to Dez in flat ... Lissemore gets by Free, but he takes too wide an angle.

    Tim MacMahon (ESPNDallas): Free walls off Lissemore next rep. ... Romo short crossing route to Austin.

    Tim MacMahon (ESPNDallas): Kitna fires bullet to Phillips on seam route, but TE can't make leaping catchover Spurs. ... Brent isn't a guy who can rush from DE. Proven vs. Acuna.

    Tim MacMahon (ESPNDallas): Kitna quick hook to Bennett. ... Kitna flat to Phillips.

    Tim MacMahon (ESPNDallas): Parnell gets good position vs. Spencer, then gets pushed back into pocket. ... Spencer spins inside and gets to QB next rep.

    Tim MacMahon (ESPNDallas): Radway beats Thomas deep, but Kitna underthrew him. That let Thomas recover for PBU. ... Ware gets inside Smith. Smith did decent job initially, but Ware beat him on counter move. ... Coleman beats Smith inside. That's not good.

    Tim MacMahon (ESPNDallas): Geathers overpowers Arkin on bull rush. ... McGee underneath to Warren

    Tim MacMahon (ESPNDallas): Team drills ... Scandrick comes clean on a blitz to get to Romo.

    espn_macmahon: Mike Jenkins is on the sideline with the first-team defense on the field. Has helmet in hand, not getting attention from trainers. [

    Tim MacMahon (ESPNDallas): Romo hits Scandrick in the numbers, but Scandrick drops the easy pick.

    Tim MacMahon (ESPNDallas): Romo hits Dez on short crossing route. He picks up a first down if he can get by McCann.

    Tim MacMahon (ESPNDallas): Romo goes deep to Ogletree with blitz coming. Good coverage by Ball. Incomplete.

    BryanBroaddus: McCann , Ball and Scandrick in the nickel. Scandrick on the slot blitz gets home clean. He has a real feel for how to get things done. [via Twitter]

    Tim MacMahon (ESPNDallas): Romo throws hot to Austin. Elam is there to make stop short of sticks.

    Tim MacMahon (ESPNDallas): Alan Ball flagged for holding. Radway still should have caught crossing route.

    Tim MacMahon (ESPNDallas): Randle comes clean on blitz for would-be sack.

    Tim MacMahon (ESPNDallas): Radway drops another one. This ball was low from Kitna, but he needs to catch it.

    BryanBroaddus: Watching Elam double on the outside with Ball, he saw the route quick enough but didnt drive quick enough. Scouts talked about this with him

    Tim MacMahon (ESPNDallas): Harris can't make catch on corner route. Not a good session for the rookie receivers. He had to extend to get it, but it was a catchable ball.

    Tim MacMahon (ESPNDallas): Another drop. Manny Johnson does it this time after getting open on seam route. Pretty pass from Kitna.

    Tim MacMahon (ESPNDallas): Confusion between McGee and Leong on hot route

    Tim MacMahon (ESPNDallas): McGee scrambles and fires incomplete to Ogletree

    Tim MacMahon (ESPNDallas): Romo stop to Dez for a first down in front of Scandrick. ... Two-minute drill

    BryanBroaddus: @princevegeta83 Cowboys have room to bring a player in if needed. Davis back burner guy now if feelings arent hurt

    Tim MacMahon (ESPNDallas): Handoff to Felix blown up by Ware. ... Romo fires bullet to Dez on sideline. Alan Ball couldn't make a play on the ball

    Tim MacMahon (ESPNDallas): Tunnel screen to Dez leads him right to D-Ware

    Tim MacMahon (ESPNDallas): Spencer meets Miller in the backfield

    Tim MacMahon (ESPNDallas): Romo throws hot to Austin on third down. Elam makes stop way short of the sticks

    Tim MacMahon (ESPNDallas): Kitna comeback to Radway in front of Thomas. Gets out of bounds.

    Tim MacMahon (ESPNDallas): Radway catches a 30-plus-yarder vs. Thomas.

    Tim MacMahon (ESPNDallas): Kitna dumps it to Tanner, who makes a nice adjustment to catch a ball behind him.

    calvinwatkins: No mike Jenkins during these team drills. He's battling a stinger, shoulder might be giving him trouble.

    Tim MacMahon (ESPNDallas): Smoke route to Radway. ... Leong makes a juggling catch on a deep crossing route from McGee. Problem is, he shouldn't have juggled it.

    Tim MacMahon (ESPNDallas): Butler beats Young to get to McGee.

    Tim MacMahon (ESPNDallas): Practice is over.

    For the Q&A stuff:
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    No prob. I'll prolly do recaps like these from now on, unless someone posts the thread earlier.
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    Makes it easy to read. Thank you!
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    I thought the team looked sharp today, especially Romo and Bryant. I'll give a more detailed summary later when I'm not on my phone.
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    I like these recaps, because I don't have to filter through all the garbage in the chats. It is much better to read, anyway. However, I still don't trust ESPN/DMN Dallas to report everything objectively and without bias. I know better.

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