News: ESPN Dallas: Face of the lockout: Shaun Chapas

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    May 31
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    By Todd Archer

    IRVING, Texas – When Shaun Chapas was picked in the seventh round by the Cowboys, he had certain visions of what the NFL life would be like.

    Roughly a month after the Georgia fullback was selected, he is still waiting for that life to begin, thanks to the NFL lockout.

    “I don’t know any better because I haven’t done it before,” Chapas said. “It’s kind of a different year. I’m looking forward to it getting going.”

    For the last three weeks, Chapas has been working out four days a week at The Factory in Atlanta with about a dozen other players either already in the NFL or in the same state of limbo as him. Seattle quarterback Charlie Whitehurst has taken Chapas and some wide receivers and tight ends, like Ben Hartsock of the New York Jets, to area high schools for on-field workouts.

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    If he could have the impact that the GB FB had last year, I'd be happy.

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