News: ESPN Dallas: Injury update: Jenkins hurting; Holland misses

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. WoodysGirl

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    Aug 5
    PM CT
    By Calvin Watkins

    SAN ANTONIO -- Starting right guard Montrae Holland missed the afternoon practice session at the Alamodome with a stiff back. Holland dealt with some problems during the morning walkthrough session and left in the middle of it.

    Holland also suffered a knee sprain Wednesday. He was replaced by David Arkin.

    Mike Jenkins worked on individual drills but not team activities as he's still recovering from a stinger. Jenkins' absence was more precautionary. Orlando Scandrick, who is starting in place of Terence Newman (groin), was joined on the first team by Alan Ball.

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  2. stasheroo

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    Does anyone else think we need to sign another veteran guard and cornerback?

    This is a pre-season wake up call, I hope someone in charge answers it.
  3. jazzcat22

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    Arkin may replace Holland by mid season anyway.....good, a young OL that we need.....
  4. Mansta54

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    I'm glad Arkin is getting the extra work. That's Great!!
  5. This is Our Year

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    I wonder if Ball will be a decent 4th CB this year, I guess he cant be worse then he was at safety.
  6. cowboyeric8

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    I think he will be fine. He seems to be a decent corner.
  7. RS12

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    Holland bent over at training table too fast going for thirds.
  8. bbailey423

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    I almost spit up my cranberry and crown royal
  9. JakeCamp12

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    If the front office thinks we can rely on Holland to play 16 games, they are crazy. I truly believe by week 8, Arkin will be lined up next to Smith and that will solidify the right side for a very long time. Time now to find someone to replace Dre and Kyle. Love both of them, but they are long in the tooth and we need a younger more athletic line that can pull and trap and get out on the screen.

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