News: ESPN Dallas: Lockout starts, but Cowboys' issues remain

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    By Calvin Watkins

    With the NFLPA decertifying and the owners beginning their lockout Friday night, several decisions around the NFL -- and with the Cowboys -- will be delayed.

    One of the biggest decisions for the Cowboys involves starting right tackle Marc Colombo. When the new league year starts, the Cowboys have 15 days to decide whether to pick up a $2.6 million option bonus on Colombo’s contract.

    If the Cowboys choose not to pick up the option, Colombo becomes a free agent. With the uncertainty of the rules, the league could start the 2011-12 league year whenever it wants. Free agency could also begin regardless of the lockout and the lack of a new collective bargaining agreement because the NFL could implement its own rules without input from the union.

    There are so many issues that are left up in the air.

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