News: ESPN: Dallas' Rob Ryan: Tom Brady best

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    Dallas' Rob Ryan: Tom Brady best
    By Tim MacMahon

    IRVING, Texas -- Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan vowed that he's done comparing players after saying two weeks ago that his defense practiced against two receivers who are better than Detroit's Calvin Johnson.

    When discussing the quarterback he's preparing for, he said there is no comparison.

    "You're talking about the best quarterback, in my opinion, that's ever played the game," Ryan said. "Hell, I know that. He's that good.

    "You obviously have to attack the source of the passing game and he happens to be the best in the league here. Every ball is going to be on the money, every throw is going to be out of his hand quick and it's going to be to the right place. You have to be at your best."
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    Im glad to see Rob is learning to give more 'diplomatic' answers to the press when asked about opponents.
    Its apparent he learned his lesson, after his mistake of underestimating Calvin Johnsons ability before playing Detroit.

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    Calvin is an excellent player no doubt but Brady is on a level all his own.

    You really can't even try to short the guy, even as a joke.
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    Brady and Rodgers are the two best QB's in the NFL...
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    I agree with that. Rodgers still has two win a couple more SB's before he surpasses Brady IMO.
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    It amuses me how many times a reporter asks a fairly dumb question that he starts his answer by saying "aw hell..."
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    I don't think he underestimated Johnson at all. He was pretty accurate in what he said about Johnson, imo. He said Johnson was good but he felt they could defend him, they did until our offense melted down. His attitude is pretty much, yeah he's great so what, we're great too and we need to stop him. I think he's basically saying the same thing this week, yeah they're great, so what, we need to be better.
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    Why? Rogers is great even if his team does not play well enough to win another SB, imo. The packers as a team need to win a few more to be a dynasty or be considered in the league of the Pats but Rodgers has already established himself as a great QB. If he plays like this for another 6 years, he'll be in the discussion of top 5 ever, even without another ring, imo.
  9. Sarge

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    Agreed. Rodgers deserves the credit he is receiving but lets face it, the Packers are a VERY good, YOUNG football team. They are loaded with talent. They have now won 11 games in a row since last year and the playoffs.

    They are the best team in the league.
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    "You can have Bill Parcells as a head coach and Vince Lombardi as a D-coordinator and Bill Walsh as the offensive coordinator and I think Belichick would beat them by two touchdowns if it came down to coaching," Ryan said. "It's going to come down to players and coaches and everything."

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    I don’t think Rob is being diplomatic. I think he is being honest. I would still go with Montana as the best QB to ever play the game followed by Brady. It’s pretty close.
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    dont forget brees when mentioning top qb's....meanwhile, I love rob ryan. I wish he was my real dad.
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    hard to argue...especially after tonights game

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