News: espn/dcr:Salary cap numbers with Bradie James

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    July, 12, 2011
    By Calvin Watkins

    The Cowboys will be faced with a financial dilemma when the lockout ends: cutting payroll.

    If the salary cap is $120 million, the Cowboys have already devoted $138.9 million to the roster, and that doesn't include draft picks and potential free agents.

    The Cowboys most likely will restructure the contracts of several of their franchise players such as Tony Romo, Miles Austin and DeMarcus Ware, and maybe even Terence Newman and Leonard Davis, to get under the cap.
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    I really tried not to weigh in on this. But I cannot resist. I really don't see the logic in touting how "good" someone is on a team that finished 2nd to last in defense last year! On defense, if your name is not Bowen, Ware, Ratliff, Spencer, Jenkins, Scandrick, Carter or Lee....then you should keep your personal belongings in storage.

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