News: ESPN: DeMarcus Ware knows he's got to bring Brady down

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    DeMarcus Ware knows he's got to bring Brady down
    October, 12, 2011
    By Calvin Watkins

    IRVING -- Sunday, Ware must get to New England quarterback Tom Brady, who is the master at being patient and picking defenses apart. But he's not always perfect.

    On Sept. 25, Buffalo picked Brady off four times in a 34-31 comeback victory.

    "Getting off the ball that comes back to the coverage guys," Ware said. "You got to make the guy not make his first read, making the second read, the third read, so it gives it a little bit of time for the pressure to get there. Sometimes, he already knows where he's going to throw the ball and he'll just drop back and throw it and you just sorta eat that down, so you're just dropping back there and throwing it, two- or three-yard gains. You just got to eat that. Every once and a while you got to drop back eventually, and we just got to capitalize on those times."

    In his career, Ware has just one sack against the Patriots, against Brady...

    Here's you chance, 'fancy,' don't let us down....:starspin
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    Ware, Spencer and the rest MUST get to the QB Sunday!
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    Gee Watkins, that's such a great stat. :rolleyes: Just one ONE GAME!
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    I am hoping this game will be like the game against indy several years ago when they were undefeated. Nobody could stop them or put any pressure on manning.

    We were all over him and he took a ton of hits. I see that coming here... at least i hope.

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