News: ESPN: Dez Bryant can attend meetings

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    Dez Bryant can attend meetings

    by Todd Archer

    IRVING, Texas -- Dez Bryant is allowed to attend meetings after all, but that does not mean the rookie will be at all of them.

    Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett clarified the point in Friday's news conference after saying Thursday that league rules prevent Bryant from attending team and individual meetings while he is on injured reserve.

    "You cannot be involved in the physical activities," Garrett said. "You can attend meetings, team meetings and position meetings."

    Most of the rehab work with the athletic training staff for players on injured reserve, however, takes place when the healthy players are in meetings. Bryant had surgery for a fractured right fibula Monday that he suffered on a kick return Dec. 5.

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    thats good...hope he does go to most of the mtgs. he still has a lot to learn being a rookie
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    The team should change the schedule so Dez can get his rehab and attend meetings.
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    Good and learn the playbook Dez... Garrett will be using you a lot in 2011!

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