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    Final Word: NFC East

    October, 8, 2010 Oct 8
    PM ET

    By Matt Mosley

    Cowboys must gang tackle
    Chris Johnson. You'll see the Cowboys leave defensive ends Marcus Spears and Igor Olshansky on the field a lot more than usual to guard against the run. Johnson's one of the most explosive runners in the game, but he's having a down season by his standards. (Check out AFC South blogger Paul Kuharsky's breakdown of Johnson.) The Cowboys must play under control against him and not let him bounce outside. The play of safeties Gerald Sensabaugh and Alan Ball will be really important. They can't afford to arm tackle Johnson. You must tackle him low or hold him up so that help can arrive. The Cowboys will likely have a spy assigned to Vince Young because he's capable of taking off on long runs. There will be a ton of Texas Longhorn fans at Cowboys Stadium, so he'll want to put on a show.

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    Final Word: AFC South

    October, 8, 2010 Oct 8
    PM ET

    By Paul Kuharsky

    Get creative: Outside of some option plays, it doesn't seem like the Titans have been very creative with Vince Young this season. Even if he lost the coaches' faith for his poor preparation during Pittsburgh week, it’s time to see if they can’t find some things to get and keep him in a rhythm. If Young gets off to a hot start, the Cowboys might feel he warrants more attention. If that happens, Chris Johnson might break something big.

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    Soooooo, basically Dallas has the upper hand. Thanks!

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    I think this will be a tough game. Our LBs aren't very fast so the DBs will have to help contain Johnson.
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    I hope to god I don't see Newman or Jenkins making tackles on CJ when they run up the middle because our safeties get picked up by linemen 7 yards deep.

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