News: ESPN: Graziano: Of Jason Garrett and rookie mistakes

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    Dec 5
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    By Dan Graziano

    It's clear by now that all of our division's teams have their flaws. The Giants have no running game. The Redskins like to smoke weed. The Eagles have a giant, empty hole in their collective chest where the heart's supposed to go. Everybody's got at least one big thing that's got a chance to hold them back when they need to win a game, and the division-leading Dallas Cowboys are no exception.

    On Sunday, one of the Cowboys' issues flared up, and it was the inexperience of head coach Jason Garrett. No matter what he says or how he explains it, Garrett screwed up his clock management at the end of the fourth quarter. He made a bad decision not to use a timeout when he should have, then he compounded it with an inexplicable decision to use one as his money-in-the-bank kicker was in the process of winning the game. Bad in-game coaching mistakes, simple as that.

    But this is neither (a) a complete surprise, (b) the end of the world or (c) a reason to believe the Cowboys are doomed or that Garrett is a lousy coach. Garrett is a bright talent who's a respectable 12-8 in his first 20 games as a head coach at any level. There are a great many things Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and the team's fans like about him. He has been lauded for the professional attitude he's helped instill throughout the roster. He's shown an ability to take charge, cutting underperforming veterans who needed to be cut at the start of the offseason. His team has lost some tough games this year, but in many others has shown a resilience and an ability to come back and win even when things weren't going its way.

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    This is eloquently and correctly stated. Great write-up, on the money.
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    I'm sure Garrett learned from this and will move on...
  4. CoCo

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    Absolutely. Well done. :bow:
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    Yeah, very nice piece by Graziano.
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    I agree.:bow:
  7. Idgit

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    I like the points made in the article. But then part of me really likes the well-reasoned threads in the Fan Zone saying we should probably just fire Garrett, anyway.

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