News: ESPN: How Cowboys could spend Orton's money

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    How Cowboys could spend Orton's money
    July, 24, 2014
    Jul 24
    PM ET
    By Todd Archer |

    OXNARD, Calif. – When Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones attempted to explain the club’s decision to release backup quarterback Kyle Orton, he referenced the possibility of using some of the money gained in that move on different players.

    The Cowboys gained $3.25 million in cash and $2.7 million in cap space with the move, bringing them close to $11 million under the cap.

    Jones was asked if using that money on players like Dez Bryant, Tyron Smith or DeMarco Murray was a priority.

    “It’s all fungible,” Jones said. “It will go to that and other things. A dollar that you’re not paying to a player or under one contract does not have a single place to go or a single goal. We know how that works. Certainly, to the extent that we can do some things with some key players, such as Dez Bryant, we can do some things with Tyron, we will do that. But it also keeps your powder dry to do something if you get an opportunity as you go into the season. I wouldn’t preclude that at all. We’re in the business of using those resources and can.” ...

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