ESPN: Kiper's mock has Prince at No. 9 (but)

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    Kiper's mock has Prince at No. 9
    March, 9, 2011 Mar 912:53PM
    By Calvin WatkinsWith

    Mel Kiper still has the Cowboys taking Nebraska cornerback Prince Amukamara at No.9. What's also interesting is Kiper points out the possibility of the Cowboys trading down to get some offensive line help.

    Says Kiper: "This is a pick I've stuck with through the first two mocks. Again, because the mock draft can't account for draft board trades -- the Cowboys could certainly deal down the board, particularly if they target the offensive line -- Dallas could do a lot worse than to grab the best pure technician at the corner position."

    What's interesting about Kiper's mock is Da'Quan Bowers, the defensive end from Clemson, is going No. 8 to Tennessee. But there are two defensive ends, J.J. Watt from Wisconsin and Robert Quinn of North Carolina, who go after Amukamara. I can see all three players in Cowboys' uniforms in 2011...
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    .....that would take some serious maneuvering by Jerrah.:eek: (sorry, couldn't resist)

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