News: ESPN MacMahon: Cowboys' success is in the balance

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    Offensive production in win shows that a proper mix of run, pass makes difference
    [​IMG] By Tim MacMahon

    IRVING, Texas -- Right guard Leonard Davis, usually a friendly fellow off the field, really lights up when discussing his favorite football subject.

    As far as the largest member of a massive offensive line is concerned, the Dallas Cowboys can't run the ball often enough.

    "We know how good we can be," Davis said. "When we're running the ball, it's like a little kid getting a treat. You just hope that you get a whole lot of them."

    Of course, there's a reason right guards rarely get consulted when it comes to play-calling. The 355-pounder would probably tip the run-pass scales way too much toward the ground.

    But offensive coordinator Jason Garrett often gets blamed for being too pass-happy. That was the case after both of the Cowboys' losses this season, when quarterback Tony Romo threw the ball more than twice as often as he handed it off.

    The result: The Cowboys scored only one offensive touchdown per game despite racking up a ton of yards. And Romo practically begged for balance the next week.

    Garrett responded with a beautifully balanced game plan as the Cowboys snapped out of their scoring slump.

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    These reporters never get it. Thay all think Balance is the key - the be-all-end-all. It's not. Deception is the key, and for coached to execute that balance is necessary. This is where coordinationg, game-planning and play-calling come in. It comes down to coaching. Coordinators need to outsmart their opposing coaches. A balanced attack helps them because it sets the stage for the greatest uncertianty among the oppostion.

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