News: ESPN MacMahon: Cowboys' vertical passing game has vanished

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    Dec 16
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    By Tim MacMahon

    IRVING, Texas -- The Jason Garrett era opened with a big-play bang. Jon Kitna and the Cowboys’ receivers attacked and exploited the Giants’ secondary in the Cowboys’ stunning win at New Meadowlands Stadium.

    The Cowboys’ vertical passing game has vanished since then.

    According to ESPN Stats and Information, Kitna completed four of five passes that traveled 20 or more yards in the air in the win over the Giants. Those plays went for 140 yards and a touchdown.

    Kitna hasn’t completed a throw that deep in the four games since that afternoon. He has attempted only six such throws in that span – two against the Lions, none against the Saints, three against the Colts and one against the Eagles.

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    Well duh when you don't have the starting QB out there some changes can be expected...
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    Kitna is a 38 year old back-up who doesn't have a particularly good line in front of him that can provide protection. The Cowboys don't have a slot receiver to exploit the gaps. When the tight ends have to stay in and block, the safeties can backup the cornerbacks.
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    I've read lots of fans who blame the Cowboys for not going deep particularly against the Eagles; same goes for some members of the media. But I've also seen where some claim the Cowboys can't throw deep because the OL is unable to give any QB enough time to set up/throw any deep pass--unless of course we want to lose Kitna for rest of season. Realize some on this board would be OK with that cause then they would get a chance to see what McGee can do.

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