ESPN - Matt Mosley Article on Robert Meachem

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by theogt, Mar 15, 2007.

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    See above.

    Anyone who does that needs to be in a Cowboy uniform.
  2. 5mics

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    Ok, well, I'd take Meachem in the 2nd, NOT the 1st.....I'd take King James w/ our 1st though.....:)
  3. montgod

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    I am still not sold. One year of productivity and finally being motivated to fulfill his "potential"? Now, he decides to come out after that one year? Again, I am no college guru, but I would like to see more consistency over their career before making a wr our #1 pick.
  4. montgod

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    My sentiments exactly. Is Jarett really that bad? His three year stats in college are far and away better than Bowe and Meachem.
  5. T-New41

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    I agree. Jarrett will be a stud WR.
  6. Q_the_man

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    I know, Michael Irvin was Slow to..... Jarrett Dominated, I have never heard of Bowe and Meacham til about a month ago.... I'll take Jarrett b4 those 2.

    I like Ginn wish he didn't get hurt in the bowl game against Florida would have made a difference to have a top 10 pick in the game in the biggest game of the year.............Ginn or Jarrett for me.

    Jarrett= Irvin

    Ginn = Glenn or Galloway

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    This guy and his whole damned family seems a bit crazy.

    His sister's skin used to peel off and she punched him in the chest and was affiliated with gangs, yet he has a tattoo of her on his chest?

    His mother stopped talking to him for wanting to attend an out of state university?

    He fasted for 2 days and prayed for guidance before foregoing his senior year?

    His first priority after he signs with the NFL is to buy his mom an emerald green Lexus with gold trim?

    Sounds like psycho ghetto trash.
  8. Zaxor

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    The dude is #1 on my wish list for our Cowboys
  9. baj1dallas

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    I can tell you that Chris Houston shut him down...

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    I don't think Houston shut him down, per say. Break down that game and I think you will find that Tennessee used a zone scheme on him most of the time. Houston had help pretty much the whole game. In fact, I think they really only threw to him like 6 times or something the whole game. Seriously, I don't think you can take as much from that game as you might think on the surface. Ainge did the right thing in that game IMO. Penn St. made a concerted attempt to take Meachem away in that game and, for the most part, they were succesful in doing that. However, That allowed other's to be open and Ainge went to them with success. Swain had 7 catches for 84 yards and Brown had 7 catches for 66. Ainge went 25 of 37 for 267 in that game. The real problem, IMO, was that the Tennessee offense really didn't pressure the Penn St. defense deep. Never isolated the safeties and made them cover one on one deep IMO.

    You know what, you said Houston (Arkansas) and for whatever reason, I heard Tennessee. My bad.

    However, in the case of Houston, I think you still have to consider that Meachem and the whole Tennessee offense was not running on all cyclinders. That was Crompton's second game as a starter for the Vols. Ainge was hurt and so Crompton had to come in and play. His numbers were not spectacular. Crompton went 16/34 for 174 yards. Not great by any means but understandable. Arkansas really controlled that game with McFadden and there own running game. Even so, Meachem still had 4 catches for 65 yards and 1 TD. I don't know that you can say Houston would have had the same kind of success if Ainge were at QB for Tennessee.
  11. Chocolate Lab

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    Wow, some of the things you read on the internet... :rolleyes:
  12. Hostile

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    Consider the source.


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